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Simple Ways To Track Your Lost Cell Phone

Losing a phone is normal and can be very inconvenient. It leads to loss of important contacts and makes it difficult to communicate. Many people wish that they could recover the very same phone they lose. Unfortunately, many people don’t think about installing a GPS tracker on their phones until they lose them and have to get new ones. The good news is that in addition to cell phone trackers, there are still several ways to track your lost cell phone.

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Google Maps Location History

Google Maps is an easy way to track your lost phone even when internet is disconnected or the phone is turned off. You just have to activate Location History and Location Reporting on your phone. In the vent that you lose your phone, log into the Location History feature using your Google account.  By selecting the time frame during which you lost the phone, you will be able to know the last location of your phone. Now this may not provide you with real time information if the phone is either disconnected from the internet or turned off, but it’s better than nothing.

Dropbox Camera Upload

If you have Dropbox installed on your phone, you can use it to track your lost phone. This however requires the internet to be connected and the Camera Upload feature turned on. While it may not be the most effective method of tracking your lost cell phone, it will upload pictures of the thief and thus help in identifying them. This can even help to pinpoint their location.

Find My Mobile from Samsung

To use Samsung’s Find My Mobile app, your cell phone should have the app installed connected to your Samsung account. If you lose your cell phone, simply log onto the Find My Mobile website and start by checking the sidebar to confirm whether or not your cell phone is registered. Selecting ‘Locate my device’ will provide you with an accurate location of your phone if it is connected to the internet. The app also lets you wipe your data from the phone, send a message and make it ring.

Find my iPhone (iOS) and Android Device Manager

Android phones come with a preinstalled tracking app known as Android Device Manager which is by default turned on. The app should be allowed to erase data or lock your phone if triggered. Your phone also needs to be connected to the internet and synced to your Google work in order to track it. Find My iPhone is the tracking software available for iOS devices. Simply log onto with your Apple ID to track your lost phone.


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