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Designer Best Michael Kors

I remember growing up my dad used to say to mom that I better marry a rich guy because I have expensive taste.  I guess I do like things that happen to cost more, but hey, I love my fashion designers. With that said one of my favorite designers is Michael Kors.

What I like about Michael Kors is the way he is able to combine elegance in a very simplistic way that appeals to a broad range of people. Not many designers do that.  Michael Kors wants to reach more than just the elite while keeping its standards high in the process.

One of my favorite things to do is to visit the Michael Kors outlet online and see what sales and discounts they offer. The prices at the outlet are just amazing. Sometimes you can get as much as 50 to 60 percent off the original price. Imagine an original Michael Kors for 50 to 60 percent off.

Designer Best Michael Kors

His product line is for both women and men. I can go on and on about how great his things are, so I will. I have a Michael Kors watch that people have stopped me to say how much they liked the watch and who the designer was. Yes, it is stylish and elegant.  I have the pave rose gold tone watch that just looks stunning on my arm. It’s like wearing a  piece of jewelry that happens to tell time.

When I have enough money I want to get another watch just to have a little variety. So I’m always on the lookout for a Michael Kors sale whether online or at their store. Sometimes my friends and I make it a day and we visit one of the Michael Kors outlets. We love going there to see what they have and how things look in person.

We like to see all the different types of bags, totes and wallets they have.  There  haveso much variety in the colors, shapes and styles , it’s hard to know which one to buy. So I do the next best thing and buy more than one. The prices are really amazing at the outlets.

Other designers have outlet stores too, but what I have noticed is they do not have the variety that Michael Kors has and the prices are not as low. Why have an outlet store where the prices are close to the original price?

Next week we are planning to go to a Michael Kors factory outlet that someone told me about.  It’s a longer ride but it is worth making the trip. One can find many a bargain at these outlet stores. So if you like to buy designer products, please check out Michael Kors, you will not be disappointed.


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