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Working from home is great, but it also means that you need to take care of your office space yourself. However, this can be very fun, as you literally have the freedom to create the ultimate home office that will keep you happy, productive and motivated. Keep in mind that your home office should match the nature of your work and your temperament as well as fit nicely into the space that you have. Before you start working on this project, it’s important to know the essentials.

Choose the Perfect Spot for Your Home Office

If you have a room in your home that doesn’t really serve any real purpose, you can turn it into your home office. This also goes for your attic, basement or garage, as long as you take care of the moisture, insulation, electricity, and all other essentials. And, in case you don’t have extra space, you should make do with what you already have. A corner in the living room or bedroom can be easily transformed into your own office corner. Think carefully about the space that you have in order to pinpoint the perfect spot for this important addition to your home.

Feel Free to Be Picky with the Furniture

You might just need a desk and a chair, or you might also want the whole office set with client chairs, shelves and a coffee table as well. Obviously, your ultimate home office will feature the furniture design that you find best. These days, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than what you want in this regard as there are plenty of options and styles available. But, if you’re going to work at your computer, make sure to get an ergonomic desk and chair for yourself. The height should be appropriate and the chair should provide proper back support. You can’t give your best at work if you’re in pain all the time, can you?

Separate Your Home Office from Other Elements

In case you have to make do with the existing space you already use, you’re most likely to place it in your living room or your bedroom. In order to focus on your work properly, you should separate your home office space from the rest of the room. One way to do so is to use different colours or wallpaper for walls around the workstation. Also, try your best to position your desk in a way that won’t let you look at the other elements in the room. Turn your back to the sofa and TV in your living room and, more importantly, don’t look directly at your bed if you’re working from your bedroom. A really nice solution to this problem can turn out to be a room divider that matches your décor and style.

Proper Lighting is Crucial

Indoor lighting is very important for every room in your home. But, if you work from your home as well, then you need to make sure that you work in a well-lit room and avoid eye strain. The more natural light there is, the better it is for your mood and overall well-being, but you’ll still have to use artificial lighting. So, just like a fire duct system is your safety measure against fires, warmer LED light is your safety measure against headaches and vision problems. Stay away from lights that are too bright or have a really strong white glow.

Play with Décor and Personal Touches

It’s never a good idea to go overboard with personal items, decorative bits and bobs and family photos when you’re decorating your home office. But, if you want an ultimate home office space design, you should definitely add your own personal touch. You can do that with the actual design of your furniture if you like to keep things minimal. Still, a serene image of your favourite landscape for example can be very effective for your home office. You can also use stationary that you find most aesthetically pleasing. Of course, don’t forget about the greenery. It’s very beneficial to keep a plant in your home office. And if you can spruce up the look of your work gadgets, such as the keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, headphones and maybe even the monitor, don’t hesitate to do so.

Take your time with this project. It won’t do you any good to rush things if your goal is to design the ultimate home office for your available space. That said, you can use inspirational pictures and ideas you find online or in magazines, for sure, but in the end, focus on making the most out of what you have and what you personally like and find most functional. You’re the one who’ll be working in this office and in that sense, you only have yourself to listen to.


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