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Everyone loves to do the dishes, right? The prospect of eating a delicious meal that took you hours to prepare and then cleaning all the disgusting pots, pans and silverware after you are fully satisfied is one of the most exciting things about having a kitchen.

Wait. That’s false.

That is why so many people choose to eat out at restaurants. It saves you tons of time and, unless you are a world-class cook, it usually tastes a lot better. The only problem with eating out is that it can become a strain on your pocketbook if you do it too often. This is especially true if you have expensive culinary tastes. Luckily, there are a myriad of different avenues online that can help you save money while dining out.

Here are some effective methods that you can use to help you save money on eating out via the Internet:

· Discount gift cards – There are websites online that sell gift cards to certain restaurants that you frequent at a discounted price. If you buy at the right time you can save over 50% on a gift card to the restaurant of your choice. Imagine getting a $50 gift card for just $25. These are some of the most valuable types of restaurant coupons you might find online.

· Group deals – There are many websites online like Groupon that offer deals at restaurants to those that are eating out in large groups. If you and your group of friends are planning a night out for dinner and drinks it may be wise to check out one of these websites. It is always cheaper to buy in bulk no matter what you are buying.

· The Social Network – Most of your favorite eateries have Facebook and Twitter profiles. By “friending” or “following” them you could be informed of great deals and specials that they are offering. It is also a great way to stay on top of any menu changes that may have occurred as well.

· E-mail list – Sign up for the e-mail list of a restaurant that you enjoy. They will send you periodic updates regarding their weekly specials and even secret special offers that are only available to those that are members of their e-mail club.

The Internet is a valuable resource for saving money online no matter what you may be shopping for. It is especially valuable in the restaurant business given the competitive nature of that industry. Restaurants are always vying for business against their competitors and will take any steps necessary to bring you into their restaurant.

The key to finding great deals on eating out online is great timing. This is why it is so important to sign up for e-mail notifications from your favorite restaurants. They will alert you to a special deal that you and your friends can take advantage of without you having to go online and search for it. It makes the process of saving money a lot easier and quicker.

If you are using other websites to find great deals on eating out it important to be consistent and check as often as you can. Many deals will only be posted for a short period of time and you need to be checking constantly to be able to take advantage of them. It is also important to understand the deal that you are being offered. A restaurant coupon that you are offered could come with fine print that you need to fully understand so that you do not have any surprises when your bill comes at the end of the night. Great timing, consistency and eating in groups are all great ways to help you and your friends save money on a great meal out.



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