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Height is a very subjective topic and thus people develop many doubts when it comes to this topic. These doubts can hinder the understanding and may mislead a person. The most frequently asked questions regarding this topic are:

  • Are there any possible factors which become the determinants of height on humans?

The answer is a simple yes. Height is a sum of a hormonal changes, balanced diet and genes with stress being in minus. This means a person needs to lower stress levels while has to focus on environment and diet.

  • Why does the growth in height come on a halt after a particular age?

The human body is made in such a manner that it stops growing after puberty. Basically a person grows till his body becomes efficient enough to reproduce. The working of hormones, nutrition and genetics stops after puberty.

  • Is it practically possible to get an increase in height after puberty?

In very few cases there has been an increase in height after puberty. In most cases a person grows fast in the age of adolescence and childhood.

  • Does diet play an important role in increasing height?

Again the answer is a yes. A good and enriching diet full of nutrients will lead to an increase in height as it is concerned with growth in general. Drinking water and consuming fruits and vegetable leads to a good increase in height.

  • Is there a relationship between height and sleeping schedule?

A good sleeping schedule can lead to the proper functioning of hormonal system in the body. These hormones are mostly of growth which thus helps in increasing height.

  • What is meant by the term ‘growth hormones’?

Growth hormones are basically substances produced by the pituitary gland lying behind the eyes. This substance increases the growth rate of body.

  • Is it a good option to take these hormones artificially?

Anything which is taken artificially disrupts working of the natural system of the body. In the similar manner taking this hormone artificially will lead to a disease of abnormal growth.

  • Should we depend on the medications which claim to increase height in adults?

These medicines which claim to bring an increase in height are mostly frauds which don’t have any impact on the height. It is scientifically impossible to become taller by taking pills of any sort.

  • Is it possible to get taller by doing stretching exercises?

Stretching is a very effective way of increasing height but only during puberty. After puberty a person can erect his posture but cannot experience an increase in height. By adopting a good posture a person can get a taller look.

  • Is there any negative effect of body building on height?

Talking scientifically there is no such relationship between weight training and height. Even many body builders have a good height.

Thus most doubts related to height have been cleared with these questions. It is important to respect the height naturally given to you and develop confidence in it.


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