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Why SMS Marketing Is Important For Both Large and Small Businesses

If you consider all the promotional tools that are available to brands as well as businesses these days, such as content marketing, online advertising, and social media, there are few which have had a much bigger impact than text messaging.

As per the survey by SAP, 70 % of the people feel that SMS marketing is a good way for an organisation to get customer attention. In fact, according to research by The Wireless Association, the open rate of text promotions and offers through SMS marketing Platform is a massive 98% while the open rate of emails is a just 22%. Regardless of these numbers, when it comes to the brands reaching the consumers, email marketing and SMS marketing services are still considered to be the most commonly used tactic. These include special offers, coupons, and also participation in the loyalty programs.

Advantages of SMS Marketing

  1. SMS marketing is much more effective than email marketing: An email can rest in a customer’s inbox all day, but a text message comes in people’s phone which is either in their pocket or in their hand. Therefore a text can be read within minutes, which makes it a great channel for promotions.
  2. The reach is to a highly-engaged audience: Consumers choose mobile programs and take a careful decision about which text campaigns they should choose. These programs differ from email campaigns where consumers subscribe to brands they are temporarily interested in.
  3. Build your brand conversation: While email marketing is a one-way communication but, people can reply to SMS promotion and also engage with the brand through SMS. This opens the doors of conversation between the brand as well as the consumer, and creates customer engagement and a stronger relationship.
  4. More of selling and awareness: E-mail marketing tends to drive sales online, whereas in SMS marketing, SMSs drive engagement to bring consumers in-store which makes them buy the products eventually.
  5. Measuring ad value: With so many customer-acquisition SMS programs, brands can with no trouble track where users are texting in to join and measure the effectiveness of that advertisement.
  6. Send highly targeted communication: Gone are the days when business owners used to send out messages in the hope that those SMS would reach the targeted demographics of the businesses. Nowadays, SMS marketing services and campaigns are much more effective because you get to choose which customers you want to tailor for your promotional campaigns.

One can send messages to only those who have agreed to receive communication from the company and to those customers who previously had some connection with the business. This way, you’ll only send messages to people who are interested, and who will respond.

The brand marketers know that in order to be relevant they have to think and be where their consumers are. SMS or texting id one of the most popular activities that is done by people of all age groups, one should make the perfect and ideal use of the SMS marketing platform.


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