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Technologies have been growing so fast and so do the shifts. In fact, developing technologies are changing our world at this very second. These technologies not only make your life easier but also improve how you live and interact with other people and the environment. Among those developments, these following technologies are actually on the rise and changing our world.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Amazon has Alexa, Google has Google Assistant, Windows has Cortana, Apple has Siri which are their AI application. The AI technology helps you to carry out some daily tasks like finding an address, set schedule reminder, suggestions, and so forth. Most recent mobile devices including smartphones, smartwatch, tablet, laptops, and other consoles are coming with AI technology. They not only do your command but also provide you with suggestions and options. In the future, AI is predicted to take a bigger job in human life.

Foldable Smartphones

Today, you can find smartphones which can be folded literally on their screen. Say goodbye to a cracked screen and conventional display, welcome extra screen and flexibility. Major brands have launched their prototypes and the market will be floated with this type of phones starting this year. The market has positively responded to the products by far.

Autonomous Vehicles

It’s only three years remaining until the autonomous vehicles will hit the roads for real. The technology is a result of the huge investment and efforts of giant tech companies including but not limited to Intel, Google, and Apple. Autonomous vehicles are predicted to decrease even eliminate the level of accidents on the road. As expected, AI technology is used in autonomous vehicles.

5G Connectivity

Before all parts of the world covered with 4G tech, 5G is already running in several countries and keeps counting. The 5G connection allows you to enjoy speedy data transfer for up to 10GB per second which is faster than your local data transfer. It’s an expensive tech which is still under development. However, we can already imagine how 5G change our world.


Ultra HD colors are now available for your home and even for your personal monitor screen. It allows you to enjoy the accurate color of the movie in a comfortable way. It’s not yet widely spread due to a very expensive cost. However, 2019 could be the year where mass products of OLED TV from various brands will hit the market. OLED TV improves how you enjoy home TV and it could change the film distribution due to the similar quality of OLED TV with what you can see at the cinema.


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