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The solar energy is on the rise and you can get it for your home by installing the solar panel. It allows you to turn sunlight into electricity to power your home. The installation can be installed aligned with the existed grid using the inverter. You can either store the excessive power or turn it back to the grid and gain some credits to redeem conventional electricity when needed. However, there are factors to consider before investing in solar panels for your home.


The solar system isn’t cheap but it’s a rational investment. The price is determined by the quality of the materials, power conversion capacity, warranty period, types of panel’s certifications, brands, and so forth. You can set the budget and get the best products based on those specs or you can consider these next factors and set the budget based on them.

Panel Quantities

A bigger house may require a larger solar array which consists of more quantities of solar panels. The more panels you want to use, the fewer pennies you should purchase for each solar panel unit. A greater investment on solar panels would give you big deals not only on the purchases but also for the long-term.

Performance and Conversion Efficiency

In other hands, there are some technical factors you should consider to purchase solar panels. The conversion efficiency rate would determine how much solar energy each solar panel can convert into usable electricity. It’s highly suggested to invest in solar panels with a high conversion efficiency rate. You can simply compare several solar panel products from different manufacturer, models, and types.

Light-Induced Degradation(LID) Rate

The less the LID rate, the better the solar in producing more electricity. It’s excellent if you can find solar panels with zero LID. Such low-LID solar panels are usually more expensive but you’ll get BEP in not so long time. In the other hands, a high LID rate indicates a high inefficiency which isn’t too good for long term usage. Remember, the more intense the energy production, the more beneficial your solar panels would be.

Warranty Period

Solar panels are a huge investment for sure so it’s better to protect your investment. Consider the warranty period which may indicate the confidence of the manufacturers on their solar panel quality especially the durability. Good companies would also provide a guarantee on the performances, parts, and services.


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