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Home and business security needs should be a top priority with everyone. You can never be too safe or protect your property too much. Going through a robbery or invasion of privacy is a traumatic experience that you can often times avoid by investing in a top quality security surveillance camera system.

In a business, it is not only the equipment which requires to be replaced. Many factors such as installation of new systems, repairing damage and worst of all, trying to recover misplaced data or working through down time associated with a reinstallation when security is can prove very expensive.

You do not think this can happen to you until it is too late.

Importance of Installing Surveillance Cameras

  • Setting up surveillance cameras by PTZ Pros is a worthwhile investment for security for your home or business. Security cameras provide a very high level of defensive and offer a huge deterrent specificallypertaining to a breach of security.
  • Surveillance can also be installed to record what is happening around your location with the intent to alert you in case of any questionable happenings. When a prospective robber discovers surveillance systems are installed, they will likely search for an easier target to penetrate.
  • Ensuring you have gathered a quality recordation of activity is vital, thus the need to invest in high quality surveillance cameras is a must. High quality cameras will live up to their expectations in the case of any incident.

What Kind of Surveillance Cameras Do We Provide?

  • PTZpros.com offers a comprehensive range of PTZ surveillance cameras from above average entry level to advanced application models and beyond.
  • Our entry-level models deliver exceptional quality at cost points, which are remarkably affordable.
  • Surveillance cameras which are typically lesser priced are often timesstatic in position and do not offer automatic movement tracking etc. However, lesser expensivemodels do not mean the security providedis always inadequate or compromised.
  • When shopping for a security surveillance solution, it is advisable to set up automated cameras that offer the capacity to track and zoom.
  • Static cameras concentrate on a particular angle which at times provides a weakened point in the whole camera’s view area.

Auto Tracking PTZ Camera

  • To obtain the widest and most comprehensive surveillance viewing option, werecommendinvesting in an Auto Tracking PTZ surveillance camera. Our Auto Tracking PTZ cameras provide the newest and most innovative features in surveillance technology.
  • PTZ stands for pan-tilt-zoom, which, is the core function of our PTZ camera line. PTZ cameras can also be controlled remotely in regard to zooming in and altering the camera view’s direction.
  • The sophisticated functions of a PTZ camera system enable you to monitor your office, warehouse or home in complete confidence. The best aspect is that you will not be restricted to just a single view after installation.
  • Auto Tracking PTZ cameras are recommended forsuperior surveillance results in warehouse, parking lot, and exterioryard-like applications. The Auto Tracking PTZ cameras we offer can also be programmed topick up movement automatically.
  • After a PTZ camera detects movement, it can be programmed to zoom into that focal point, providing you with a super clear view of the cause of the motion. Since an alteration of pixels in the video has detected movement, the system will flag it.
  • The captured video feeds are linked to a digital video recorder. The DVRis programmed to capture data records and store a length of video information from the dates you desire based on the size of hard drive you install to store data and more.
  • A larger hard drive allows he DVR to store footage for periods of up to 3 months and beyond. Consult a PTZpros.com expert about the size and model of PTZ camera and DVR recordation set up that is most suitable for your surveillance needs.


There has never been a better time to invest in a high quality PTZ surveillance system such as the ones found in our online store. As they say ‘prevention is better than cure.’

Enhancing the security of your property with a surveillance systems you can count on will definitely reduce the threats of theft and vandalism to your home or business.


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