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Neonatal Resuscitation Procedure or also known as NPR is actually one of the many procedures that were introduced decades ago. This is a procedure wherein the newborns are resuscitated as soon as they are born because infants hardly breathe once they leave the womb of the mother. The most preferred trainees for this program will be the doctors, nurses and other such staffs, who work in the pediatrics department of a hospital.

Resuscitating a grown up person is quite easier when compared to the infants, since the fully grown body offers enough area to work on CPR, BLS, ACLS, etc., techniques. This is not the case with infants, especially those babies just out of the womb. Their whole body parts will be very fragile, and even a simple wrong move might become life threatening for them.

The NPR program teaches the involved experts about the leadership skills that are mandatory while handling a critical infant. The program also focuses on building the team playing skills, which is very much necessary while in an operating room.

What does NTR Program Teaches the Trainees?

As explained before, only those people who work with infants daily will be preferred here. Even though the top priority will be the OBGYN doctors, the nurses, staff members, Lactation and EMT care providers, med-school students, CNAs and Respiratory therapists will also be trained in NRP Certification Program.

The training program usually involves two parts.

  • Studying Part: involves the online test system that will be divided into nine parts.
  • Practicum Part: involves instructional programs. The candidates can either work here alone or with other trainees.

The group that consists of more people will be the most preferred trainees here. This is because the group members who have known one another closely will show more involvement in working with each another. Hence, enrolling your name with some other members whom you have known well will automatically motivate you to show extraordinary team playing skills.

Explanation of NPR Course

When you enroll your name in a NPR course, you will have to pass the pre-test that will be conducted by the medical association. The exam will be conducted online, and you can join the program only if you score the required score as set by that particular medical association.

Once you enter the course, you will be required to buy the text book that includes detailed guide, which involves everything about your course. Next step is to enroll in the respective web-link, which will be available at the end of the website of any medical association.

You should fulfil some requirements, which include taking a test after completing one whole session, so as to continue here. Remember that the test should be cleared within 14 days, till you start the next session.

After you get through all the tests, you will be guided through the procedures of the course, things that you should prepare beforehand, learn and give importance to, etc. The course will continue for some weeks to a month or so. Once you complete the course, you will be cleared as a NPR certified doctor, only if you pass the final exam with excellent grades.


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