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Engineering is one of the most auspicious professions considered in India and worldwide. Many students in India aspire to be a valued engineer in their future. There are a lot of engineering colleges and institutions that provide academic curriculum for the students who want to be engineers. But above all, the Indian Institute of Technology and National Institute of Technology are considered to be the best in India. Their fame has spread worldwide due to their prowess to produce top notch engineers.

Joint Entrance Exam, the Gate to the Future

Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is considered to be one of the toughest exams in India as well around the world. The stringent course and the cutthroat competition make it the toughest level to cross and take a step forward towards success. Its difference from the board exams in pattern and approach makes it critical for the students.

There were two categories in JEE that select students in a national basis as per the marks scored. IIT-JEE and AIEEE were conducted to recognize the talented ones and set their entry in the specific colleges as per rankings. But now the exam has been merged together to form a single platform with two levels.


This level of the national exam is conducted for the admission of aspirants in Indian Institute of Information Technology and National Institute of Technology.


This ultimate level is conducted to select students for the Indian Institute of Technology and Indian School of Mines (ISM Dhanbad).

As per curriculum, IITs and ISM are the top class institutes and the NITs and IIIT come next to them. The exams have multiple choice type questions and time given for every exam is 3 hours. The candidates have to score good in JEE Main to earn the eligibility of appearing in the Advanced. The composite score is calculated by giving 40% weightage to the XII boards result and 60% to the JEE main results. Only 2 lakh candidates are selected after matching the above result criteria. They get to appear in the Advanced level. The students are then ranke as per their merit level in the Advanced exam. They also need to score more than 75% in the respective board exams or equivalent to get entry in the auspicious institutes.

Critical Points to be Pondered

The cbse syllabus for class 12 is very important for an aspirant as he or she needs to score eligible marks to match the criteria. The syllabus is vast and vivid. Sometimes the blunder committed by the students by giving lion’s share of attention and priority to the JEE exams land them in a neutral zone as the XII results comes out to be moderate or middle order. Aspirants who have managed to cross the toughest hurdle might face a bigger one when the board results are not up to the mark.

As the board result has 40% of contribution in the selection parameter, it must be taken seriously. If you are an aspirant then you should consider IIT JEE books and the board books side by side to get the picture right. The JEE exam pattern is totally different from that of the boards. JEE questions are very competitive and conceptual. The options given are very confusing. You get 4 marks for a correct attempt and 1/4th is deducted when your attempt is wrong. On the other hand, the board’s exams are comparatively easier and elaborative. No negative mark is penalized for a wrong answer.

Preparing for JEE

The JEE exam preparation needs a strategic approach. You cannot indulge in studying the books only. It might help to develop a good grasp and concept in the subjects but you need to check your accuracy and speed while answering the multiple choice questions within a fixed period of time. Appear for mock exams as much as possible and get proper guidance to excel. You can even check your rank in the JEE main rank predictor.

After scoring a good position in the JEE main, keep an eye on the JEE advanced registration date. The exam is quite critical for the students. Always remember that hall performance is different from appearing for exams staying in the comfort zone. Keep it cool and do not attempt abruptly. Play safe and secure you position in the list of glorious performers.


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