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When it comes to hot new phones, the next big thing is usually only days or months away. When a phone comes along like the LG Nexus 4 that remains popular for long after it is released, you should likely pay attention. It is going to be for a good reason in most cases. Great phones always seem to have awesome features and benefits to their users. Here are five great features that make the LG Nexus 4 so successful three months after it’s release:

Daydreams Screensavers

Maybe this feature is not vital, but it certainly is popular among Nexus users. If you have seen screensavers for your computer, then you understand what Daydreams are. You can use your photos, various color schemes and countless other choices in the Display area of the phone.

Google Voice Search

This is becoming fairly standard fare, but the Google voice feature is awesome. You can search the internet, load applications and generally find anything you ever need to know simply by stating simple commands. The only real issue with this feature is that sometimes you pull up the wrong thing, but anyone that is used to GPS already has dealt with such headaches. This feature is fairly reliable and better than most anything else out there.

Lockscreen Widgets

Although this has been around for a bit with other models, this is still a very cool thing to have in a phone. Google loves adding things new, but this was actually a nice addition that has become standard fare in the world of Smartphones. Despite the commonality of the feature, it is an important addition to a phenomenal model. Lockscreen widgets are actually a draw for the phone now.

Gesture Keyboard

This keyboard gets mixed reviews but those that are accustomed to it swear by it. The fact that you can do it quickly and easily makes it popular with the majority, but diehard old school users are going to find it a bit of a pain in the neck. Like anything else, however, they will get used to it and love it in the end.

The Sleek And Powerful Profile

Of all the phones on the market, not many are as attractive as this one. Over time, others will appear that look even nicer than the LG Nexus, but for now it is about as good as you can find. It has all the things you want in a phone – a nice sized screen, strong and powerful build and long lasting battery life for a phone in it’s class.

This phone is popular and has stayed that way for a reason, and it likely will stay that way for a good long time. Although many folks don’t like the options available as far as carriers, those that are lucky enough to be able to carry it will be thrilled with these features and benefits.

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