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Your home is the place where you retire after a hard day’s work and you want it to be clutter-free and clean. Sometimes in a bid to decorate the house, people tend to overdo the decoration putting up things unnecessarily. This not only makes the home look cluttered but also takes up space that can be otherwise left free. Therefore, it is important to decorate the home in such a manner that it breathes and offers a clean and clutter-free look.

Minimalism is the trend to follow these days. Home decoration in today’s times has moved from putting up quality things in one’s place and not just adding stuff. In addition a few stylish pieces are better than tons of junk. Here are some guidelines on how you can get more out of home decoration:


Often it has been seen that homes have too much stuff most of which is not required. Therefore, the best way to decorate and optimize the space available is to part with the things not needed. You should go for selective editing and role up large pieces like the rugs to make the space breathe. Go for calm and solid colors and eliminate the little patterns as they make the place appear busy. If you are going for a new window treatment or wallpaper, choose colors that soothe the eyes and are not too eye-catching. However, if you are not replacing anything, just pull down things to make space.

Call the Specialists

You often would not find things that are hampering free movement in the house. For you everything is essential and cannot be moved elsewhere. These things can be better gauged by specialists who have an experienced eye in these matters. These specialists help you in moving around things so that more space is created out of the same furniture but with a different setting. When you move things around as guided by the specialists, you would be surprised to see the amount of space created by moving certain pieces of furniture.

Put Similar Things Together

You can group similar objects in one place to give a sense of decoration but you should not overdo it. Arranging a few mirrors on one wall or arranging several vases together is an example of this type of decoration. However, you should not make this type of decoration an excuse to keep unnecessary things.

Therefore, with these tips at hand, you can more out of your home decoration. Put in things that reflect your taste and preference and discard things that are not required or have served their life. Make changes slowly taking up each room one by one. Make your home comfortable and relaxing so that when you come back home from work, you feel invited.

Author Bio : Nad is a part time blogger at Bathroom News and also writes on Home Décor at Home Ware International with Mr. Russel Raphael.


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