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Austin, TX is one of the fastest growing high-tech centers in the country. The city is overflowing with technology based companies including Apple, IBM-PC, and UNIX. For more than a decade, these companies have been migrating to Austin, attracted by the city’s high quality of life, low cost of living, and reasonable housing prices. As a result, another emerging trend in Austin is the growth in available data centers. More and more businesses across the country are turning to Austin data centers for colocation services.


High tech industries, due to the nature of their product, require high-speed computers within high-performance environments and fast connections. When choosing a colocation partner or center, these businesses need to consider the following items to ensure they receive the level of service necessary to compete:

1. These machines require high-density power supplies. As a result, colocation centers need to have redundant, uninterrupted power supplies as well as adequate backup power sources in place.

2. High-performance environments generate significantly more heat than standard deployments. To maintain peak performance, optimal operating temperatures need to be maintained. These new Austin based colocation centers have appropriate cooling infrastructure to meet the heat requirements of these HPC environments. As with power supply, these cooling systems also need to be redundant. Cooling systems should also be customizable based on the customer’s requirements.

3. In this fast-paced industry, downtime is not acceptable and, in the event of such a failure, technical support at the colocation center plays an important role. Support should be available 24/7/365 on-site to act as client “virtual hands”.

4. The colocation data center must have an appropriate network to meet the demands of the high-tech industry.  These needs include availability, data caps, and data transfer speeds. Austin colocation centers, feature multiple carrier options, multi-layered redundancy, multiple high-capacity fiber networks, best-in-class equipment, and a 100% network headroom policy.

5. As industries grow more and more dependent on data, their solutions, trade secrets, and other sensitive information becomes more valuable.  This leads to an increase in data security, both physical and virtual. Colocation centers must provide multiple levels of security. Austin colocation centers use separate secured entrances, gated enclosures and racks for equipment, entry passes for authorized personnel, biometric scanners, and CCTV cameras with monitoring of video footage.  They are also equipped with top-of-the-line firewall gear to protect against virtual data theft.

6. Amenities for staff are also very important. Austin colocation centers provide the following features:

  • Customizable layouts
  • Dedicated workspace with dedicated machines, conference rooms and meeting rooms
  • Dedicated phone lines and Internet connectivity
  • Rest rooms, break rooms and kitchenettes

7. Austin provides affordable housing and a low cost of living, so relocating staff is not a problem.

By providing the much need services listed above, colocation centers in Austin have continued to grow as the high-tech industry grows. They have helpedhigh-tech businessesscale to meet growing business demands, protect large amounts of sensitive data and optimize for maximum efficiency.


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