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If you have driven on a road and across a bridge, if you have enjoyed the sights from an upper floor of a tall building, or if you have enjoyed clean water from a well-designed system, then you should definitely thank an engineer. These are the talented and well-trained men and women who make sure that the infrastructure of our lives works as it should and serves us as it should.

Under the wide-ranging banner of civil engineering, there are many specific areas of expertise, including construction, materials, transportation, structural, and environmental.

Of course, there are many more disciplines in this field, all of which help people live quality lives and help to give familiar structure to the world we live in. But there is so much more to what this type of engineer does each day. For one thing, these hard-working individuals operate in a significant segment of the economy and are key contributors to the communities in which they work.

The Business of Solving Problems

Many of the leading firms have been providing quality, cost-effective solutions for decades, and are called upon time and again because they have met or exceeded customer expectations in the past. They are creative, certainly, because they work with community leaders and business owners to help bring ideas into the real world.

If you are in need of assistance in building a detention pond or earthwork for a public water supply, these professionals are ready to assist. As members of such respected organisations as the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) and the Civil Contractors Federation, these top companies work with developers and builders to create quality living spaces for families in subdivisions and other land developments.

Government or Private

Some civil engineers work for a government agency, serving the public directly. Others are employed by privately-owned firms but their work focuses in large part on the design and construction of public earthworks or on the design and installation of underground infrastructures such as water mains, sewer lines, storm-water systems, or electrical systems.

If there is a need for a system of fire-service mains, or a project requires experienced planning for installation of essential communications infrastructure, civil engineers will be able to guide the project from start to finish. Sometimes this type of project cannot proceed until the existing system and structures are demolished and removed for recycling. They are prepared for that work as well.

Whether the need is for electricity to allow businesses to operate or utilities so homeowners have access to efficient distribution systems, the engineers are probably who need to be called. They will also use past experience and innovation for landscaping, planting and seeding, excavation, road construction, car-park construction, and so much more.

The most reliable engineering firms have a reputation for being able to successfully plan and complete projects in the inner city as well as in remote areas, never shying from the most difficult and crucial construction jobs. When you work with the top firms, you find that they will go where they are needed, responding with a plan of action and the resources to see the project through.


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