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Most people don’t think of philanthropy when hearing about a successful PR firm. They invision people in suits around a board room doing high level PR marketing for big brands. But not First Wave PR. Located in sunny southern California right by the beach, First Wave PR helps crowdfunders get their ideas funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

The PR firm takes on a unique range of crowdfunding clients who all have one thing in common: they need to get their dreams funded! First Wave PR is one of the only agencies that specializes in helping crowdfunders get funded. Ian at First Wave PR said that one of perks is “we get to work with some of the most innovative and unique stuff you can imagine. Every day there is something different”. If you’ve ever had a peak at Indiegogo or Kickstarter then you would know that Ian is absolutely correct. There are hundreds of new products, gadgets and ideas being launched on popular crowdfunding platforms each week.

While there are many different companies claiming to promote crowdfunding projects, First Wave PR is by far the most established in terms of not only client volume but in funds raised on these crowdfunding websites. This year alone First Wave PR has raised well over a million dollars for their clients. “Our clients are typically trying to raise between 10 or 100 thousand dollars.”

Unlike the early days, crowdfunding is not just small change anymore when you have real marketing agencies like getting behind them. Although the firm is paid for their services, you can tell that their PR team takes a special interest in helping their clients. “The best part is seeing someone’s dream come to life”, said Ian, a PR specialist at First Wave PR.

Their office is also nothing like what you’d expect in a traditional PR firm. Located about 50 yards from the beach, it has more of a tech startup feel rather than a corporate cubicle farm. Many of their 8 person team wear flip flops and polo shirts rather than suits. With laptops in hand, you can tell they are all buzzing with the next crowdfunding project who needs their help to get funded.

Jessica at First Wave PR said that “we aren’t trying to be a traditional PR firm. We like helping crowdfunders and we’re really good at it. We also charge much less that a traditional PR firm because we understand that our clients are just starting out. But after we help them launch their full business, they more often than not come back and work with us on a long term basis”.

Anyone can launch a crowdfunding project on websites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, and popularity is growing. It looks like First Wave PR has no signs of slowing down as they expect to hire 3-4 more full time persons at their Playa Del Rey office located in west Los Angeles. Perhaps it won’t be too long before they start growing to be the same size as the traditional PR agencies they are in contrast with. Time will tell.

If you have a crowdfunding project then you too can get in touch with their team by calling or visiting them at their website


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