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How an App can Advance 15 Year Old TechnologyTake a close look at your new smartphone and remember how anxious you were to hold it in your hands after reading all the reviews and seeing the TV commercials. But if you pop open the cover and examine the battery you might as well be stepping into a time machine to travel back fifteen years because that is how old your battery technology is. In an article that shuns smartphone battery life, the author accuses it of being the Achilles’ heel of otherwise solid phones. The article goes on to say that technologies like 1080p screens and wireless screen mirroring has been hamstrung by batteries that can’t keep up.

A solution

Though battery technology is still stagnant and crying for improvements, app developers have been coming out of the woodwork to take to the challenge of compensating. The solution resides in the best Android battery saver app: Snapdragon’s BatteryGuru. It may not re-invent the battery, but it certainly makes it more efficient. This app prolongs battery life so it can support newer phones that burn brighter and connect to 4G networks faster.

How does it work?

This app truly has a brain. Once it is installed one must give it a week to study and learn the user’s cell phone behavioral patterns, i.e. when you wake up and check your e-mail, when you check Facebook and Twitter and when you play games. It also recognizes trends of non-use, such as peak work hours, times you are in class, or when you ignore your phone to watch your favorite TV shows. This app is programmed to learn. And as it continues to churn in the background of your phone’s being, in continues to deepen its understanding of how and when the user is actively engaged with their mobile device.

During dormant times the app temporarily shuts down the phone’s wifi connection, kills the brightness level, shuts down unused apps, and continues to perform a quick diagnostic to kill any entity within the mobile device’s system that would be draining the battery. Then when you are active with your phone, all settings spring back to life.

What to expect?

The app makes the phone run efficiently without making any alterations to the system itself. Your device will require fewer charges, and you will notice significantly more battery life. Imagine being able to play on your phone throughout the day at work, and have time to text friends afterwards to arrange meet-ups for late drinks. The prolonged battery life will make you feel as if you are using a battery from the future, instead of 15 year-old technologies.

It makes life easier

Before this app came to fruition, the only way one could try to preserve their battery life was to kill off some of the features on their handsets that attracted them to buy the device in the first place. In an article on how to make your phone battery last longer the author says to kill your brightly shining animated wallpaper, take it off vibrate, and remember to shut off all apps and wifi when you aren’t going to use the device. This author seems to think missing phone calls and transforming your smartphone into a “blah” device is the only way to save battery life. Snapdragon disagrees.

Give this free app a shot. It doesn’t require the user to set up reminders, and it won’t rob your phone of its cool features. Instead, it learns your behavior and improves your battery to function life a power source from the future.

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