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What do you know general knowledge and technology? Is there any relationship exist in between these two? Let us discuss one by one.

General Knowledge:

Information that has been gathered, with the passage of time, depending upon your medium (from where the information is collected).

Main two factors are there in which general knowledge is depend these are;

  1. General Intelligence.

An individual intelligence can be measured through their Intelligence Quotient (IQ). People who have high IQ, they tend to gather information largely and score high in any general knowledge test. People who have low IQ, they are less able to learn things and also scoreless in any general knowledge.

  1. Openness to Experience.

It is a personality trait of human beings. People who are high in general knowledge, they are highly open to learn new experiences. Researcher said that there is a positive relationship between general knowledge and openness to new experiences. Because people who are open to face new things they are highly motivated to grasp and learn the things which in return boost their intellectual level by increasing their knowledge.



Sum of techniques, skills, methods, process which helpful for the manufacture of goods and, can be for the completion of some set goals (in terms of scientific investigation).

But here in this article we are talking about technology in terms of IT (Information Technology). It is defined as,

‘Use of computer or any gadget to store the information, retrieve it, then transmit and manipulate data or information.’

Relationship between General Knowledge and Technology

With respect to this article, internet is the medium of this digitalization era. People of old ages, was getting their knowledge through reading books, using libraries. Now in this modern era, people use technology like internet, mobile phones, tablets, smart screens etc. Almost every individual has their own gadgets in their hands. Just clicking one button, people explore almost whole of the world. Internet is the largest pool of knowledge, from where one’s can learn and absorb new things, ideas, depending upon their area of interest and motivation.

Psychological Point of View:

Every individual is different w.r.t to their intelligence level, interest, capability, caliber, exploring new ideas, motivation. If these qualities is high then an individual is competent in all, other than their area of specialization. As technology greatly influence and shapes our thoughts, feelings and actions so use it, for learning and for a positive purposes.

Pros; Getting knowledge through internet is more efficient, feasible, more technical, and logical.

Cons; A biggest flaws using technology while learning is it’s difficult for a person, to gives attention all the time. Studies confirm that a person can attend any task around 40 seconds. Exceeding this time limit can reduce attention span of a person. Scientist confirm that ‘Human beings can’t literally work on multiple tasks at the same time, but what they generally do is switch their attention very rapidly between different sources of information.

How to enhance your knowledge through Internet?

  • Follow educational websites on social networking sites.
  • Subscribe informative websites.
  • Be a member of learning websites.
  • Take a part in GK games (Eggheads, mastermind etc.)


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