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In ‘Psychometric’ the word ‘psycho’ means mental and ‘metric’ means measurement. You will most probably come across psychometric tests in early stages of recruitment process. It is used as filtering process, and is designed for employers to help them in selecting a capable job applicant.

Valuable Information About Psychometric Career Test

When to expect Tests in Recruitment Process?

A job opening gets advertised and resumes are asked for, which are checked to identify candidates with required qualifications and experience. After this initial screening, you are requested to take a psychometric test. Through this test your aptitude, intelligence, and personality is measured. It provides the potential employer an insight of how well you –

  • Can handle stress
  • Can work with the team
  • Can you cope with intellectual job demands

Employers value psychometric career test because they can compare the strengths of different candidates regardless of their educational background.

Types of test

  1. Ability tests: In this test category a person’s specific skills, capability and sharpness gets measured through –
  • Numerical test – Data, charts, graphs and statistics are used to assess how well the candidate interprets it
  • Verbal reasoning test How well written information like statements or arguments is understood and evaluated
  • Non-verbal/inductive reasoning test How well spot patterns or diagrammatic information is followed
  • Logical/deductive reasoning test How well you follow rules or given information to find solution using your experience and knowledge
  1. Aptitude tests: Under this test your potential to learn new skills necessary to perform the job you applied for is examined.Ability and aptitude test get conducted under timed conditions and computer-based programs are used. Basically, it includes true/false answers or multiple choices.Results get compared to a demographic group selected by the test provider.
  1. Personality tests: Your behaviour, when experiencing different situation is assessed. Assessors match your ways of handling things with graduate recruits or successful managers. For example, if it is a sales job, they may expect someone with persuasive and sociable traits.The thing to remember when you take the test is to answer honestly and calmly. If you do not pass the first stage does not mean you are a failure. It means you have been successful in averting from a job that would not be a good match.

How to Approach Psychometric Tests?

Take free psychometric practice test online, so you get familiar with the formats and questionnaire style. In this way, you can enhance your speed and accuracy. Moreover, identify the areas that need to be worked. Remember not to get overconfident. However, practice a lot to exercise your mind like –

  • Do number and word puzzle
  • Do basic maths
  • Do mental sums
  • Interpret meanings
  • Recognize commonly misspelt words

Online career Councillor: Make sure to take online career counselling from a credible and reputable provider. Advantages of online counselling are –

  • No need to travel for taking the test, so it saves time
  • Comprehensive report is received, which lists the candidate’s aptitude and personality profile along with future career path recommendation.
  • Students can obtain personal interaction with expert career counsellors through chatting, phone or Skype


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