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We are already quarter of a way through the new decade, and there have been some prominent logo designs that have been gaining significant popularity. This new era of designs is all about something new, something old & experimenting boldly with unusual combinations. Chromes and neon from the 80s have made a comeback, and some logos make the baby boomers nostalgic with the vintage sketches from the 30s. There are bold experiments with sleek lines, and you can also witness the boom of 3D & animation in logo designing techniques.

Out of many popular designs, we have selected these top 5 logo designs that are trending in 2020:

1. Gradients Merger with 3D

Gradient trend has always been popular, and 3D has been gaining popularity in the past decade too. 2020 has seen the merger of gradients with 3D, which is perfect for the smartphone user around the world.
Gradients is a medium that allows the creation of a dynamic spectrum pulsating with liveliness and energy using any group of colors. Designers are focusing on the progression of gradients, forming depth, and 3D effects in logo designs. In particular, the tapered gradients that create a central emphasis and contrast of colors has gained a raging popularity in 2020.
3D gradient logo designs can prove to be challenging for prints, but for the various screen types, it is the perfect element. Brands who don’t pay much heed to the logo design in print are quite predisposed towards the captivating 3D gradient logo designs.

2. A Throwback to the 80s

2020 has already seen a lot of things that have come back from the 80s. From video games to pop music and all the glowing shades. Logo designs have welcomed the 80s with a huge throwback by integrating lots of neon and chrome in the process of logo designing combined with a lot of pixels.
Throwback logos are trending because they take advantage of consumers’ nostalgia. The 80s tech that is old-school is a great combination of cool and collectible on the borderlines of retro. The best part about logo designs that are a throwback to the 80s is that along with all the funk; the fun is back in logo designing as well. Incorporating 80s typography, design styles, and the colors, especially the neon & chrome, are some great elements to create a timeless logo design.

3. Organic & Rudimentary Logos

Bold experiments are making their way in the field of logo designing as well. Along with all the 80s tech & retro, the 3D gradients and some more tech-oriented digital logos are the hand-sketched, untampered logo designs. They are organic and rudimentary logo designs that are exclusively hand-drawn. These logo designs are the complete opposite of perfect lines and aesthetics created digitally. Instead, they have a raw, unrefined quality about them that makes them stand out amongst all the immaculately designed logos.
This look has gained popularity because of its raw, untouched beauty, and people who are surrounded by a world of digitalized stuff are preferring the authentic, organic look of hand-sketched logos. Another reason why this style is trending so much is that it gives the brand a unique quality, which is completely unique and exclusive. It adds more value to the brand, and being different attracts more business than the rest of the styles.

4. Sleek Ultra-Thin Lines

Just because hand-drawn sketches are becoming popular in 2020, it does not mean that the digital media is falling out of favor where logo designs are concerned. In fact, it is quite the opposite. 2020 has already fortified its mark on the logo designs like never before. Sleek, ultra-thin lines, and the effects created by them have become quite a raging trend in logo designing.
Owing to their utmost level of detail, these logo designs seem complex and wraithlike—a totally new panache in logo design, parting with classic logo requirements like straightforwardness and reproducibility behind. Print restrictions don’t carry much value as more and more brands are preferring to work online.
Logos with ultra-thin lines are smooth, intangible, and difficult to manage without access to computer support. This is one of the reasons that these logo design trends are found more with tech and industrial branding. This style to design logos is very futuristic.

5. Nostalgic 1930s Vintage Cartoon

Another logo design style that is trending in 2020, like a blast from the past is the vintage cartoon style from the 1930s. Again, this logo design trend, like the 80s throwback style, gives people a reprieve from the highly digitalized world and brings back the warm nostalgic feeling from the days gone by. This provides the brand with a unique look and leads to its popularity.
The simplicity and the very loveable 1030s logo design trend is pretty expressive and appeals to all the cozy and warm emotions of the consumers and designers alike. Therefore, further on in the year 202, you will witness more of this vintage-inspired, cartoon logos with customized illustrations that carry the power to build up a deep emotional connection with the audience.

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