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In today’s world, we can’t imagine our daily life without a computer. However, if the performance rate of a computer is slower when we are in urgent need of sending an official e-mail or checking out a website for some business purpose then it is really infuriating. Most of the times, it happens that the system we are working with has multiple number of programs running in the background which is one of the causes of slower performance of computer. This article will not only enlighten you regarding the background processes which are the causes for your slow computer but also, to make certain minor adjustments to rejuvenate your machine.

There are 3 main reasons which contribute to slower performance of computer:

1. Resource hungry programs
2. Spy-ware, Viruses and other malicious programs
3. Physical Hardware Limitations

Resource hungry programs:

One of the causes for a slow computer is trial ware program, these are programs which are installed on new computers from the factory. These programs usually do nothing other than occupying memory and resulting in slower performance of system. This problem can be get rid of just by clearing up unnecessary programs from memory and then, computer performs faster than what it was.
Another reason could be Virus scanners, there are certain virus scanners which load in memory and take up valuable resources which could be otherwise used by the computer effectively. A virus scanner also, keeps on tracking all activities of computer and keeps running as one of the background processes resulting in a slow computer.

Thus, to cure a computer we need to identify unwanted programs and remove them for better performance and also, use an effective virus scanner so that it doesn’t take up valuable resources.

Spy-ware, Viruses and other malicious programs:

Most of the times, a user comes across pop-ups while surfing internet which ask to sign up for a free vacation or a supper with discount and then you know that your computer has slowed down, receiving garbage e-mails and more pop-ups.
This is where virus comes into picture, these are programs which eat up valuable resources of computer and causes slower performance of computer.

Physical Hardware Limitations:

Hardware is always a concern when it comes to performance rate of a concern however, you can upgrade hardware of your computer to fix an issue of a slow computer.

The purpose of this article is to let you know the reasons behind slower performance of your computer and there is no way that your computer will not regain its effective performance as it was at the time, when it was purchased.

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