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Symbol rate is a mirror to the rates of state changing in the communication circuit. There are different ways to understand symbol rate. Symbol rates are basically used in digital communication (also known as baud or modulation rate). It defines the number of symbol changes (waveform changes or signalling events) which is referred as transmission medium per second using a digitally modulated signal or a line code.
Symbol Rate can be better understood as, if a circuit is enabled to carry two tones per second, then the circuit is meant to have symbol rate as two. After getting into these technical terms one needs to understand the modulations. Circuits exercise different modulations techniques to carry multiple bits per symbol.
If the circuit is confined to two variance tones then, the first tone can represent a 0 and the second tone can represent a 1. In this circuit, the symbol rate is the same as the bit rate.

If the circuit mode carries four contrasting tones, then these tones can be used to encode twice as many bits per symbol. This is the simplest way to understand the working of Symbol rates. In this circuit the bit rate raises up two times the symbol rate.
Using more tones allows abounding bits per second (bps) to be clasped out of each and every symbol, but this is not the way when you are done with the process. You also require higher quality circuits. In case if the circuit doesn’t feel the pinch of high quality, then the number of retransmissions will surely cause the circuit to be apathetic than with a lower number of tones.

Now the platter of choice remains in front of modulation algorithm, which has to finally make the choice. QPSK appropriates four tones, 8PSK exerts eight tones. 4 tones is standard for the purpose of use in the satellite world. In the cable television world, the higher quality transmission medium enables 64QAM modulation to be the standard.
Symbol Rate can be also condensed as SR.
And also as mentioned above, baud can be also given as the second name.


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