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Blog sites are one of the most popular websites that are used for advertising purposes.  Allowing people to post their comments, express their ideas, and write their own blogs are some of the reasons why blog sites are very popular today.

The web design of the blog sites is one of the factors that make a blog site successful. If I am going to create my own blog site, there are various elements that I should include in its web design. These elements will make the website more appealing thus catching the attention of the visitor.

Various Elements That Are Used in Blog Websites


  1. Comments: One of the reasons why I like visiting blog sites is that it allows me to post my own comments on it. Having this section on your blog site will allow you to communicate and share your ideas with them.  Furthermore, this section will give spice to your blog website and will enable visitors to enjoy visiting your website.


  1. Footer: Whenever I visit a website, I always expect that it will be easy to navigate. Each time that I visited a website that only leads me to confusion, I have the tendency to hit the back button and look for another site.  This is the reason why you need to include footers in your blog site. Footers are used for easy navigation.  There are a lot of things that you can include in your footers, such as copyright information, links to the author’s website and many more.


  1. Sidebar: A good website should guide me on how am I going to navigate the site. You should always include the sidebar on your website since it determines how the users are going to navigate it.  An effective sidebar always contains useful information, easy to use, and should always come with a good appearance.  You should also include a number of sections in your blog site, such as recent comments, recent posts, and most popular posts.


  1. Subscription: To make money on my blog website, I need to convince people to return to my site and convert them into regular subscribers. For this reason, you need to put the links to the RSS feed and mailing list on the sidebar of your blog site.


  1. Uniqueness: There are many blog sites available and it will be very hard for me to recognize the new ones.  This is the reason why you should make your website unique so it will stand out from others. You can do everything and anything to make your website attractive. You can include artistic designs, set the right combination of colours, and some other features that will make your site more appealing.

By including the major elements that I have mentioned above, you can create an effective web design for your blog site. With a good web design and functioning website you can increase your web traffic in a short period of time.


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