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There are thousands of remarkable apps available for download and install in apple app store. In this post we are going to review top ipad apps that are perfect for the small business, home office worker and entrepreneurs.


NoWait seeks to replace the venerable pager in your non-reservation restaurant by giving you something that the pager can’t: the chance to communicate with your guests while they wait to be seated.

The service texts guests with their wait times and customizable messages. It also develops text and email marketing lists, based on info you receive from your waiting guests. You can use the app to manage your wait list and contact guests when their tables are ready. NoWait also syncs your devices so you can manage the wait list from anywhere. Contact NoWait for usage-dependent pricing.


MeetingResult ($9.99) is designed to boost the value of your company’s meetings. The app uses a custom methodology to ensure that meetings are efficient and result in actionable ideas. It provides support for planning, calling, and executing meetings, as well as making sure that attendees leave the meeting with an understanding of important points, such as: what decisions were made, who should take action, and what should be communicated to non-present employees.

The app also helps managers with meeting follow-through, including customized summary reports sporting the company logo. MeetingResult supports integration with Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Docs.


Carry your iPad long and you’ll find yourself using it to take notes. It’s particularly handy for meetings—if you have a note-taking app that lets you organize your notes. That app is PaperDesk ($3.99), which provides an endless supply of pages (lined to resemble notebook paper, but customizable, of course). Type your notes, draw with your fingertips, and add pictures with a few taps. You don’t need a stylus, unless you like to write your notes by hand. Organizing your notes is a snap, thanks to the notebook creation tool. Sync your notes with so you can restore your notes in the event that they’re lost.


Evernote Skitch (free) is the sort of app that can change the way you work, particularly if you find yourself pointing at things on your iPad while talking to coworkers. Display just about anything in Skitch (a photo, a website, a document, etc.) and you can draw on it with your finger. Want to emphasize an important note? Draw a circle around it with a quick gesture. Want to show a coworker the route to your meeting place?

Trace it with your finger, and it’s as clear as day. Of course, Skitch has plenty of shapes and other annotation tools for those of us who don’t want to rely on our finger-painting skills alone.


Designed to be a one-stop information shop for travelers, Kayak offers flight, hotel, and car rental information. Need to know whether your airline has baggage fees (and how much those fees are)? No problem. Need to know whether your flight is on time? Kayak can find out. Need to book a hotel? You can look up hotels, compare them (and even browse pictures, in some cases), and book one without ever leaving the app. Kayak is free.

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