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Goal Zero Charge Controller Kit Protects and Extends 12V Battery life

Solar panel and controller kit prevents over & under charging of dormant seasonal vehicle batteries

goalzeroSALT LAKE CITY – Jan. 23, 2013 – Goal Zero, the leader in portable solar, today announced the Guardian Charge Controller Kit to protect and extend RV, ATV, boat and other seasonal 12V vehicle battery life during the offseason. The Guardian charge controller passes a charge from the accompanying Goal Zero solar panel to ensure the battery is not over or under charged and is ready to go on the first day of the season.
“It’s extremely frustrating when your snowmobile or jet ski that you’ve been itching to ride for 7-8 month won’t start or you’re ready to hit the road but the RV won’t crank,” said Joe Atkin, CEO Goal Zero. “The Guardian Kit uses the sun’s free rays all offseason to ensure your battery is ready to roll when you are and protects consumers from the high costs of battery replacement.”

The Guardian Kit is truly plug and play – the Nomad 13 or Boulder 15 solar panel simply plugs into one of the Guardian Charge Controller’s two inputs, the included alligator clips plug into the Guardian’s output port and then attach to the corresponding red and black terminals on the battery. After hooking up the Guardian users can walk away confident that their vehicle will start next season.
During the offseason the charge controller automatically turns off and on to maintain the battery at the optimum level. The Guardian also tapers the voltage according to the battery’s condition and recharging needs to ensure a healthy battery pack and prevent over-charging. Guardian owners can daisy chain multiple solar panels together for a faster charge.

The Guardian Charge Controller Kit is available now at www.goalzero.com, REI and other retailers nationwide for $249.99 with the foldable Nomad 13 solar panel, or for $209.99 for the Boulder 15 solar panel.

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About Goal Zero
Goal Zero is the industry leader for renewable and reliable solar power. Born out of the desire to empower people everywhere, Goal Zero’s products are designed to give you the freedom to go anywhere, regardless of battery life. From cellphones to refrigerators, and everything in between, Goal Zero products keep you connected and powered up in any situation. Life never stops. Why should your gear? Solar power. Perfected.
For more information, visit www.goalzero.com

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