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Whoever came up with the notion of digitizing the ever lovable game of bingo by putting it on the internet was a visionary! Websites like (Signup Now) are excellent venues to see and play the digitized version of your favorite game. According to statistics, online bingo already has a gaming yield in millions of dollars which is predicted to grow to twice the volume in the coming years.

With plethora of sites dotting the internet and offering bingo online how will you decide which site is most ideally suited to play your favorite game? Well, by following the below mentioned tested and proven methods you can find your favorite online bingo site in no time!

Online Bingo Forums
The best aspect about having something over the internet is, there will always be a convergence spot where critics, users and admirers would express their criticisms, admiration and opinion. These places, also called forums, are like veritable goldmines of trustworthy information coming from reputable sources.

Using Search Engines
Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Alta Vista can reveal considerable web results if you search by the keyword online bingo. The search results would contain links to official websites of bingo rooms among other things, which can be utilized to draw comparisons of features presented by each site.

Different types of Bingo Games

Depending upon your preference, there are various types of bingo games and their digitized form available. These include:
75 ball version
90 ball version
30 ball version
80 ball version

What features to look for once you find the right online bingo site

When you finally find the online bingo site that you like, there are some features you should look for. Online bingo sites nowadays come in two categories:
Those that require software download and installation to play
Those that allow you play straight from your browser without needing to download and install any software

Requiring download and installation
Bingo sites that require players to install software mostly offer a small downloadable exe of their game program. This is free of cost in most cases and of small to medium size. Once you download and install it, it connects to the online bingo website server where you register your account. Once you are done with registration and select what type of bingo game you’d like, you are all set to play.

Play straight from browser
These are mostly online bingo games that are based on JavaScript or Adobe Flash technology and can be played without having to install any software. However, an online account registration is required.

Availability of various game rooms
A comprehensive online bingo site should be comprised of various game rooms with multiple game types on offer. Websites with lesser rooms tend to get repetitive soon, so the rule of thumb to follow here is; the more the better.

Chat Rooms
It’s now become customary for bingo sites to host chat rooms where players can mingle and discuss things out. Like minded players can set up games or simply socialize!


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