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Google is widely used search engine giant all over the World. Therefore, the place of the different websites in this business is of great relevance for the developers of the websites. Search Engine giant Google uses algorithms to rank the different websites, did you know?

All this will involve more or less traffic on your website and of course will represent a higher financial income. How is the ranking in Google determined by using its algorithm? What is the google algorithm? Keep reading to know it in details!

What is the Google algorithm? How it is updated?

The algorithm is a very complex calculation based on completely concrete and high-order instructions, which allow a specific activity to be carried out without a doubt.

In Google it represents the way in which this great search engine is responsible for giving ranking to a specific web page. This is what the SERP(s) decides, the place where we will be ranked on the first page as lead, or on the tenth page.

Therefore, decoding this algorithm has been the subject of research by many SEO experts. However, it seems impossible to keep up with such a complex mathematical calculation, because this algorithm changes at least 1000+ times throughout the year. In 2019, Google has changed its algorithm 3200 times. Some of Google’s most important algorithms are Penguin, Panda, Rank Brain and Google BERT update.

How does the Google algorithm work?

This algorithm is based on three basic effects: Crawling, Indexing and Spam Cleanup. When a query is entered in the search engine, in a few moments Google makes an instant review to show a response to the query.
In the crawling Google reviews “millions” of web pages, in the indexing it distributes them according to what the user is requesting. For this it takes into account the SEO strategies (Keywords and Their Variants).

On the other hand, in spam cleaning, Google intelligently eliminates results that will not be relevant to the Internet user. Some of which are simple advertising, this largest search engine Google attempts to improve the user experience.


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