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A wedding ceremony brings a lot of things in our life. With the entrance to these exciting stuff, a lot of things change in the life of a bride and groom. And welcoming these changes with the Tungsten rings would be an add-on in your excitement-filled occasion.

Tungsten carbide rings are like your marriage, it lasts forever. A few countries have a custom of offering Tungsten carbide rings at the time of the wedding to wish the bride-to-be and groom-to-be to stay together forever.

Tungsten is the hardest and strongest metal on the earth. As compared to other metals that are normally used in the jewelry, viz. Gold, it is nearly 5-10 times tougher. Additionally, these rings are scratch-resistant and as said stays as it is for a longer duration. Moreso, it can remain resistant against the wear and tear occurring every day.

A few exciting things that might help you go for the best selection in the wedding rings are listed for your reference. You might experience the same at the time of purchasing Tungsten rings. Additionally, you might hear the same reasons by the vendor on why you should purchase a Tungsten carbide ring for the wedding occasion.


Top reasons why someone should purchase Tungsten carbide rings for the wedding ceremony

  • Tungsten carbide rings do not deform 

Unlike other metals used in the jewelry, viz. Gold, silver, etc., Tungsten does not lose its shape and size as time goes. Any kind of external pressure cannot change its original shape.

Other metals when coming in contact with any external pressure, can change its shape and deform. Tungsten carbide rings can resist all external pressure, regular wear & tear that might arise during any time of the day.


  • Finishing lasts forever

Tungsten carbide rings come with an eye-catchy finishing touch. You might have heard that other gold rings, silver rings, etc. might lose its touch over a period of time.

If you predict that it will happen the same in Tungsten carbide rings, then we would say absolute NO NO to it! Tungsten is the only metal that never leaves its finishing touch even after years.

It is truly said for all the Tungsten rings,


“Forever lasting partner of your life!”

So when you are searching for a permanent solution for your wedding ring, then Tungsten carbide rings will be a perfect choice.

  • Available in multiple colors

Unlike other metal rings, Tungsten carbide rings come with multiple colors. At the time of the wedding, you look out for multiple choices to select from. Tungsten carbide rings are available in colors, namely white, black, and classic gray.

What more can you expect when it is available in multiple colors? Additionally, you might see a number of designs available in each of these above-mentioned colors.

You might never end up checking for any other metal once you start checking for Tungsten carbide rings. Also, it might never leave you in question at the time of purchase as you will be aware of all the positives.

  • It is scratch-resistant 

We have heard from many people that when they wear gold rings, and in case if there is any external force applied to it, it deforms as well as we can see a few scratches on it that reduces the beauty of the rings.

Unlike other rings, Tungsten carbide rings, even in contact with external force, neither deforms nor it gets any kind of scratches on it. It can withstand any kind of external pressure because of its weight and toughness.

This keeps the beauty and finishing of the Tungsten carbide rings the same as the one you took at the time of purchase.

  • Tungsten is cheap as compared to other metals 

We never suggest you go for a cheaper option, but it is always recommendable to opt for an option that is cheap along with the quality that lasts long.

Tungsten carbide rings come with a lower price tag and the beauty that never diminishes. Any layman will think of purchasing a wedding ring that never fails to lose its beauty, right?

Compared to other metal rings, viz. Gold rings, silver rings, platinum rings, etc., you might get the Tungsten carbide rings at a cheaper rate along with durability.

Whether you like classical rings, modern rings, or finding an option that matches both the style, you will get designs in Tungsten carbide rings that will match with your expectations. Tungsten carbide metal adds a sparkle to the diamonds attached to it. The finishing touch given to Tungsten carbide rings having diamond will always keep you satisfied. Additionally, giving such a ring to your life partner at the time of the wedding will keep the ceremony worth remembering for both of you. In fact, your life partner will never demand anything else if you give them a Tungsten carbide ring at the time of your wedding.


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