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Many people think of outdoor decoration as hobby. This is why they are always looking for something new. One of the best innovations in this technology was LED lights. As you can see, more and more people these days prefer this type of technology rather than the old-school bulbs. To tell you the truth they had many disadvantages such as overheating and great energy consumption. Well, forget about that because now you will be able to get LED lights at really low rates and the best part is they will perform better than the ordinary bulbs. Here are 7 reasons why LED lights are better:

LED Christmas Lights

1. LED Lights Are Energy Efficient

Maybe it is high time for us to start thinking green and eco. This is why one of the most important things you need to know regarding LED lights is that they are extremely energy efficient. As a matter of fact they will save 90% or even more utility costs.

LEDs are actually small light sources which are illuminated by the electrons’ movements via semiconductor material. According to the latest researches, the amount of electricity consumed by 1 7W incandescent bulb equals 140LEDs!

2. LED Lights are Environmentally Friendly

There are many benefits when it comes to environment. Among them are:

  • LED will help you lower all those carbon emissions thanks to using less electricity.
  • There is no mercury in LED, unlike compact florescent lights and ordinary florescent lamps.
  • LEDs are a true helper when it comes fighting light pollution because they emit light patterns towards target.
  • LEDs don’t contain any ultraviolet light and are recyclable

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3. LED Lights are Safer and Cooler

LED lights are always cool to touch simply because they generate less light. This is why you don’t have to wait a couple of minutes if you want to bring them back to the box. Therefore the risk of burning your house is less.  They won’t overload the circuit – you can be sure of that. Plus all those LED lights that are created for outdoor have been through weathering tests, so you can be sure that nothing will happen to your lights in case of storms.

4. LED Lights are More Durable

It has been proven that LED lights are far more durable than ordinary light bulbs. The reason for this hides in the fact that there are epoxy lenses which are almost indestructible. This means you can drop them, step on them or perform any other damage tests –  nothing will happen. As for the work hours of LED lights – they are set to more than 100 000 hours. This means that your LED lights will be properly working more than one holiday season. And you can get all this for really low price.

5. LED Lights Last Longer

As mentioned above LED lights are more durable but along with that – they last longer. As a matter of fact it has been proven that they last up to 25 times longer than the traditional lights. Every single LED light is being independently tested and passed quality control. This is why most manufacturers offer 5 or more year warranties. With regular usage of LED lights, it is proven they can last up to 40 holiday seasons, we believe that the investment is worth!

6. LED Lights Have Variety of Shapes Stylesand Vibrant Colors

Many people might tell you that incandescent lights are better and brighter than LED lights. Actually this is not true –  LED lights shine vividly and brightly in array of colors. Every LED light produces brighter, truer and better color than any other bulbs. Plus they can be found in the exact size you are looking for, starting from small lights and reaching C7 and C9 dimensions. The price is more than affordable having in mind all the qualities LED lights have.

7. LED Lights Take Up Less Storage Space

You will be pleasantly surprised when you see the size of the box LED lights come in. The reason of the small size is because they are made of plastic and therefore they are not that easily breakable. Now you can put them everywhere because they don’t take that much space. They also weight less than the older variants. Forget about all those heavy boxes of lights – the future is in LED technology.


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