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Are you having a spare room and you desire to do something out of that…the smart way is to do a DIY makeover and put it up for paying guest accommodation…if you are wondering how to go about it then there is a step by step process which being followed can get you good leads for tenants, thus not only making the idle space used up and also minting money from that… So to start off to prepare the room and for instance if you have your property in Secunderabad and targeting for paying guest accommodation Secunderabad then go ahead with….

 Have Space Start A Paying Guest and Start Counting The Money

Do the Basic Cleaning and Dusting

Cleaning and dusting gives an instant shine and the room starts sparkling. The basic cleaning includes removing the stains and cobwebs from the nook and corner of the house…in the process bring down any wall hanging and move out the furniture, since it makes the room appear less spacious as it. If it is a large room then try to accommodate two single bed but, if it is a medium sized room, then preferably put a queen bed which can accommodate two people and keep it against the walls. This will make sure that you are using the space properly, yet leaving enough space for movements

Paint Coat

Paint coat gives the room vibrating look which exhibits positive vibes which can enhance the feel good factor of the tenants and chances are there that you get tenants for your paying guest without much effort

Fix and Repairs

Damps and the cracks could be a headache and also take a toll on your wallet if not taken care on time…hence without much delay fix those…and this also gives a neat looks to the room and for this your tenants won’t mind to pay some extra bucks in arecurring way

Curtains and Blinds

Make sure that the rooms are well ventilated and windows are properly placed. Everyone prefers airy rooms rather that stuffy and suffocating one. Though windows are the integral part of the room and keeping up with the freshness…Just like the windows, curtains are also an integral part of the home décor. It ensures the privacy of the tenant and putting one on the window can give a feel good factor to your prospective tenant

Make yourself Comfortable with a Stranger using your Room

Paying Guest accommodation implies that your tenant will have access to your kitchen and gadgets like refrigerator, television and other utility durables. Since everyone has an attachment with the house so sometimes it takes time to get adjusted with this

Tag a Price and Get it Listed

Once the basic step is done tag a price to it and get it enlisted to the online real estate portal to get it visible for the prospective PG lookers. You can get it listed with Housing.com since they have awesome user intuitive interface backed by technological fineness which provides a display of the property pictures and they rank high on trustworthiness since, all the information related to listing is duly checked and verified by the in – house team, hence the association with this portal ensures you better leads…


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