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The mobile device you own has sleek design and cutting edge specifications that you are really amazed with. But, if you are going to install the right mobile apps on it, you are given great assurance that you can have the best and the most advanced mobile gadget that you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever type of mobile gadget you are using either it is android, iPad, iPhone or even Windows Phone, you can have the best free mobile apps for 2014 that is suitable for the mobile gadget you have.

To give you an idea with the best free mobile apps for 2014, here are the lists of some mobile apps that you may install or download in your mobile phones and these are the following:

  • Avast Security and Anti-Virus App

This is a highly customizable application that is even suitable for rooted mobile phones since it offers unparalleled features and specifications. This app will not only protect your mobile phones from malware and viruses but it will also help you in backing up your mobile data with cloud. It interface is very easy and simple to navigate hence you are assured that such app can be easily used.

  • Linkedln Pulse

With the huge numbers of news sites in the worldwide web, you could usually spend difficult times in searching for the most updated articles that you don’t want to miss. In this sense, you need to download Linkedln Pulse in your mobile phone for free. This type of app will help you organize some of your favorite feeds towards an attractive and grid styled interface which makes it easy for you to keep yourself updated with the different topics online. This will also tied you up with Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and even twitter accounts.

  • MyFitness Pal

Fitness app is one of the most in demand app for all the people in order to maintain physically fit and healthy body. This is very essential since it motivates you to practice healthy routines all the time.  In this sense, you need to install MyFitness Pal in your mobile phone as it completely offers guidance and support towards keeping all the contents of your body at its healthiest phase with all the nutritional information you are in need of.

  • Spotify

If you are searching for the latest music and single of your favorite singers, well you can now already have the chance to listen and find it with the use of Spotify. It is a type of app that offers extensive library songs for you to choose from. This also allows you to select custom playlist that you may download if you choose to make some offline listening for the music.

  • NetFlix

It also belonged to the best free mobile apps for 2014 that offers direct streaming to mobile devices while keeping you in place to watch videos in your phone. This app strongly features tough search engine as well as detailed recommendations and attractive users interface with plot descriptions, images and user ratings. You can also share your mobile device and accounts with friends and family immediately while enjoying watching videos and shows.

With these different types of mobile apps, you are assured that you can obtain easiness the same as you send parcel to Canada. This gives you great assurance that you can have the best apps that can be delivered and installed easily in your mobile phones.

Hope you try and enjoy the apps we have chosen!


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