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How many times have you gone to vacuum the carpet only to realise that the cleaner is simply not picking up the dust and dirt? It often takes a while to register that the bag needs changing, by which point you often realise that your replacement stocks have completely run dry.

These days this scenario is avoided simply by using one of the many bagless appliances that are available on the modern market.


Easier emptying

Unlike appliances that require regular replacement of bags, a bagless vacuum cleaner incorporates a collection cylinder that houses all the dust, dirt and debris and can be easily removed and emptied as required.

More often than not the container features a decent-sized collection capacity making frequent emptying trips unnecessary. They’re often made of clear plastic too; allowing the user to easily see when emptying is required.

This ensures the cleaner’s suction power is always functioning on full throttle and that the user is benefiting from the product’s full cleaning capabilities. The clear container also makes it simple to spot when something has been sucked up that shouldn’t have been.

Value for money

One of the biggest advantages of bagless technology is that any additional and ongoing expense is unnecessary as you don’t need to purchase replacement bags which can prove costly. There’s also less wastage, making it far more beneficial for the environment.

Improved suction

A bagless cylinder vacuum doesn’t function with a traditional bag or filter system. Instead, the air stream is sent through a cylinder.

It’s sent along a spiralling path at high-speed and the ensuing motion works a little like a roller coaster or tumble dryer. As the air stream shoots around in a spiral, all of the dirt particles experience a powerful force and are whipped outward; away from the powerful suction of the stream of air.

It’s in this way that the dirt, dust and other particles are extracted from the air without using any sort of filter. The grime and other allergens simply collect at the bottom of the cylinder and need to be emptied from the collection container as required.

This separating power of cyclonic technology means that the suction of the cleaner doesn’t diminish over time. Rather, it remains as powerful as the first time you used the appliance.

Many modern machines feature multiple cyclones which further increase the suction and separating power of the cleaner for maximum efficiency.

Kinder to users

The more powerful the cleaner and the greater the cyclonic cleaning power, the likelier it is that the vacuum cleaner will be able to remove the finer dust particles from carpets and upholstery.

This is extremely advantageous for those who suffer from asthma or other allergies, making these appliances kinder to their users. With fewer allergens and dust particles circulating in your home, you could find your symptoms are lessened considerably.


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