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There have been a multitude of social media services that have gathered a lot of steam, but then did a nose dive off of a cliff several years later. In it’s prime, no one thought that myspace would ever be looked at something that was not cool. At least in the near term. But just like Myspace did to Friendster, Facebook did to it. Now it looks like Twitter is trying to claim the crown from Facebook. Twitter has been the hot social site that has been getting all of the media attention lately. Now with the newly release Google Buzz in the mix, will Twitter now have to worry about Google being it’s competition?

Before we go any further, we will explain to people who may not know, what exactly both services do. Twitter is similar to a public instant messenger. Instead of you just talking to one friend or maybe even several friends at a time, you talk to a group of people who are following you. At the same time that they are following you, you can be following other people that you think are interesting. This way, there is a cross pattern of people who you communicate with. With Google Buzz, they have a similar service but they have stepped it up a notch. Not only do they allow your contacts in your email account to follow you, but they also allow other people as well. It is also deeply integrated into your other Google services, especially your email client. A lot of people are already sending emails back and forth for work purposes, so this helps them not have to go to another social site. Also, they can bring their other social media networks in the same client as well. You can configure Buzz to aggregate feeds from Twitter, Flickr, and a whole host of other social networks.

So as you see, Google’s offering has more features than twitter does at the moment. But that may be a drawback against it. When people first use Twitter, they get confused because it is too simple. They do not see the appeal of it. It is not until they start to communicate with others that they see how Twitter truly works. For you to have fun with Twitter, you must interact with people and have discussions. With Google Buzz, new people may run into the opposite problem. They may find the concept simple but the interface may be hard to get used to. They will have to play around with the interface a little bit before they can start to use the features to their full capabilities.

So as you can see, Twitter and Google Buzz are not in direct competition yet, but they soon will be. If people tire of the simplistic service that twitter offers and decide that they want more choices, then they will slowly start to move to Google Buzz.

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