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As stadiums have, over the last few years, become even bigger and more fantastic the same can be said for giant video screens that are being installed in them to help the fans see the football games (and other sports) that are played there. The question on a lot of people’s minds, however, is this; are these giant TV’s ruining the game or making it better?

In the beginning, if you’re old enough to remember, people used to bring binoculars to games in order to get a better view, especially if they were in the ‘nose bleed’ seats way up at the top or to the sides of the stadium. They were bulky and a pain to use because after a while your hands and arms would get tired from holding them up. When screens started arriving many people were quite pleased.

As technology got better the screens in stadiums started getting ever larger and clearer. The screens they use today, giant behemoths that are as big as a building and can be seen from practically any seat in the entire stadium, are bigger than anything even Caesar himself could have imagined back in the days of the Roman Coliseum. In Texas the Cowboys have a screen that is 159 feet long by 71 feet high! If you can’t imagine in your mind how big that is picture 4 school buses parked end to end and stacked 3 high. Yeah, it’s that big!

But back to the question at hand; do giant screen add to or detract from the sports being played. In many ways one would have to agree that they have added to the game. The obvious point, that now people in the upper decks can see what’s going on more clearly, is a good one. What’s really cool about the giant mobile screens however is that the real intricacies of the game can be seen, as well as the good and bad calls by the refs when a play is played back in slow motion. Anybody can find mobile led screen hire from Big TV these days

Some detractors would say that if they wanted to watch football on a screen they would have stayed home to watch in on TV. I agree with that to a point but the fact is, no matter how big the screen, the experience of going to see a live ball game (even if it’s, ugh, soccer) is completely different (and better) than seeing it at home.

Finally, being able to see the field and the players so clearly (if you want to) is a great reason to have the giant screens up and just adds another great dimension to watching a game at the stadium.


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