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Being extra cautious during the hiring process saves you from severe consequences in the future. This is why; it is the ultimate responsibility of recruitment managers to conduct a proper background evaluation of each candidate. It gives them confidence and security. They can be sure that there are fewer chances of harmful conduct or illegal activities from the employee forces.

There are several reasons why pre-employment background checks are essential. A survey revealed that 10 percent of job applicants have some criminal record. Another study shows that 40 percent of the resumes received by companies contain some inaccuracy. These figures make the point. Carrying out background checks is critical for the company.

What is Background Check?

Background Checks involve analysis of an applicant’s history. It focuses mainly on the information that is not present on a resume nor asked in an interview. It tracks criminal records, commercial records, and financial records. It considers factors like education, credit history, past employment, and license records.

It may not be possible for the company to carry out this entire evaluation on their own. They can outsource this responsibility to other entities. Currently, there are many external background check solutions that you can go for. These are the service providers that can get you all the required information on the prospective clients and job candidates.

Why are Background Checks relevant?

Pre-employment background checks are a fundamental element of the recruitment process. Here are some of the reasons why Background Checks are essential:

It provides criminal history

According to a study at the Justice Department Bureau of Justice Statistic Workplace Violence, 1993-2009, as many as 572,000 non-fatal crimes took place in the American workplace in a single year. The majority of the criminals in these cases were employees and their acquaintances.

Hence having a robust background checking system raises red flags, if there are any. At times, the charges are too significant. They make the person dangerous and unreliable for the job. In other instances, the costs are minor or outdated. The managers can consider hiring these applicants after tweaking up their contracts.

It avoids liability

It is highly likely that the applicant already has some pending penalties on their record. For example, they may already have DUIs on their license. Any accident on their part will now make you liable for their faults.

You can search more on the subject to know how it protects the company from risks.

It ensures a safe workplace

How people can mask their realities can take you by surprise. There is a chance that the person you are interviewing is a sex offender or a convicted criminal. Most of the criminals are quite experts at hiding their violent streak. You must invest in carrying out a background check. It saves you from paying massive amounts in legal procedures later.

Catherine Aldrich, vice president of operations at HireRight rightfully, states, “Completing a comprehensive background check helps mitigate risk by increasing the chance of a good hire the first time around. When a risky candidate is hired because of a failure to complete a thorough background check, it often costs a company much more money than it would conduct a screening.”

It encourages honesty in the application

Sometimes, the applicants may cross all limits to impress their interviewers. They are pretentious and dishonest throughout the interview. These elements also extend into their resume. They state false achievements and experiences. A background check will help you cut through this façade and find out the reality of these individuals.

When people applying in a company know about its incredible background checking system, they are alert. They make sure that they are not providing any false information. Instead, they provide all their past achievements and misconduct with complete honesty.

It removes uncertainty

The whole purpose of background checking is to weed out all possibilities of mishap in the future. The managers are fully aware that this could end up in substantial financial damages.  When you do not leave a stone unturned during recruitment, you can rest assured that you have made the right decision.

Indeed the employee screening procedures are hectic. But once you go through all lengths to make sure that the person you are hiring is the perfect fit, it brings you confidence and peace of mind.

Parting Thoughts

The employment screening process stays unreliable without a comprehensive background check on the applicants. As Aldrich also says, “Landing top talent quickly is critical in a competitive job market, but it is just as important to ensure that these individuals aren’t introducing risk to your company.”

Hence, a thorough background check helps you to make smart decisions for your company. Take it as an investment that pays off in the future when the hired applicant performs exceptionally well.

Do you think there are any other reasons why employee screening should be a part of the recruitment process? Let us know.



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