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Finally Motorola Atrix 4G has finally come to AT&T. The carrier just put on sale one of the most powerful smartphones which is paired with an optional laptop dock so that the user can enjoy the wonderful computing power virtually anywhere.


This Android wonder can be purchased directly from the carrier for a $199.99 after signing in for a two year contract. For extra options, interested people can pay another $15 per month for a 200MB DataPlus plan or $45 monthly for a Data Pro 4GB plus tethering plan, according to the user’s needs.

Besides these one would also have the options of laying their hands over the smartphone at Amazon which lists the same HSPA+ device for $50 less with a 24-hour ship time. For those interested in just the laptop dock, they should better get it now because it’s offered with the handset in a $499bundle and when the same laptop dock is purchased separately will cost $499.99. Walmart is offering the Atrix 4G handset for $129.99 for those activating a new account before Thursday.


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