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Reasons To Look For A Student Job

Starting a career in the world of work is not always easy for young people. In fact, most students struggle to find a job they’d like after uni because of the level of experience most employers ask for. Although it can be hard to figure out how to kick start one’s ideal professional career, applying for a student job might be the right move: you enter the world of work at a young age and have more than enough time to try out different jobs in different sectors. Do you want to learn more about why you need a student job? Continue reading and thank us later! 

Work experience 

One of the main disadvantages young people face when seeking employment is a lack of experience compared to the rest of the candidates. Any recent graduate can become very frustrated when he or she finds out that just having a degree is not enough to aspire to get the job they want. 

There are two main student jobs that can help you gain experience before graduating and become a more competitive candidate: 

A part-time job. Working as a bartender or as a cashier is probably not your dream job, and is most probably not related to your studies at all. However, all jobs give you life experience, challenge you and test your skills.

An internship or volunteering. Many companies look for fresh talent, and although they don’t offer a great salary, they are flexible and give students recent graduates the opportunity to gain experience and maybe even be hired in the future. 

Earn your Own Money 

Even if you just earn the minimum wage, having a student job gives you an invaluable learning experience: earning a salary! Having your own salary can help you achieve other career-boosting goals such as paying for an English course or a diploma that helps your CV shine. 

As it can be tricky to get to know all about payments when you’ve had no experience at all, and employment rights for that matter; we highly suggest that you inform yourself before accepting any job offer. On that note, why don’t you have a look at our Career Guide? You will find advice and information about everything you need to know about the world of work as a student or recent graduate. 

Get references 

To get a good reference you don’t only need to simply work and do the daily tasks; you have to earn it. Even if you are a waiter, delivery man or salesman; try to be the best and stand out. This is not only a chance to test new skills: when you leave that job your boss won’t hesitate to give you a letter of recommendation. This will help massively when applying for a higher position! 

Make your CV stand out 

Working while you study is not an easy task. In order to perform well at work and at uni you will have to test your discipline, responsibility and organisation. Nonetheless, it’s all worth it! These qualities are highly appreciated by recruiters. 

Perhaps you studied accounting and worked as a bank teller part-time for a year. When you arrive at a new company, the recruiter will be impressed to know that you had the ability to study and work, that you were consistent in a job and that you are motivated enough to go through it all. All of that is great for your CV and will certainly give you competitive advantage. To make sure you add everything you need about your student job experience in your CV, why don’t you have a look at some application tips

Gain confidence 

Working for the first time is one of life’s most challenging and important experiences. You learn a lot! And not just from the job itself, but from other important situations you will have to face that will be useful for your future career. 

Having had previous work experience from any past student job will make you feel more confident about starting a job search when you finish your studies, and will also help you develop skills. For example, someone who studied Business Relations and started their career with a customer service job could test their negotiation and communication skills, which could be very useful for the future. 

If you are a student or recent graduate and have no need to work, you are privileged. But if you are in the last semesters of your career, it is important to keep in mind that although education may open many doors for you, having a degree does not guarantee you a job. That’s why it’s essential that you start planning your professional life and setting goals for the future with a student job. 


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