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YouTube is the world’s largest video network. You can find millions of videos there, with new ones being added every day. A variety of videos reside at YouTube. Clips of movies, soaps, businesses, news, products and services and other individually created videos can be found on this channel.  You can download these videos easily. However, YouTube itself has not enabled any download option. You can use some online tools and programs to download and convert YouTube videos. Usually, such programs are free to use but there are also a few premium programs available.

Downloading YouTube videos

If you type the keywords ‘download YouTube videos’ in Google, plenty of links will pop up your screen. You can visit a site and use their program to download a YouTube video. All these download tools work through a similar procedure. Usually, you need to open the video on YouTube channel that you are willing to download, copy its link and paste it in the space provided in the download tool and click convert. Alternatively, you may open a video on YouTube, navigate to the link bar and type name of the download site in place of ‘YouTube’. The site will open up, and the video link will be automatically fetched by the tool and be ready for download.  The free sites usually run pop up ads. Flash ads and pop-up ads may hit your screen as you progress through the download procedure. You can easily close these ad-windows and progress with the download.

Converting Youtube Videos

Suppose, you like a song on YouTube. But sadly, it is not available at any Mp3 download site. Obviously, you would dislike streaming the video every time you wish to listen to the song. You have an option to convert the YouTube video directly into Mp3 format. YouTube-Mp3 converters are available in plenty. You just need to insert the video link in the space allotted by the converter and convert it. Some YouTube video converters let you choose the quality of Mp3 that the video will be converted into. Not only Mp3, but you can convert YouTube videos into different container formats as well. Usually YouTube videos are found in flv format, but there are exceptions and you can easily interchange the formats. Popular video formats like M4A, WMA, AAC, MP4, OGG, AVI, 3GP, WMV and MPG, etc are available for inter-conversion.

YouTube videos can be easily downloaded and converted. You need not pay to download and convert your favorite videos on YouTube. The free download and conversion tools are to be used online. Each time you want to download or convert a YouTube video, you need to open the site and convert it online. The paid programs are usually meant to be downloaded and used offline. If you do not want to connect to the internet, each time you opt to download or convert a YouTube video, you can purchase a premium download and conversion tool and use it offline to download and convert your favorite YouTube videos.


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