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Voice broadcasting is a communication technique that is done on a massive scale, involving the broadcasting of telephone messages to numerous call recipients. This technique is frequently used in businesses as a result-driven strategy which will generate sales. This is an efficient technique for communicating necessary information about forthcoming offers and sales. Apart from this, voice broadcasting enables you to merge your business’s identity into the mix.


By adding telephony components to your computer, you can manage numerous databases and telephone lists, and simultaneously broadcast thousands of messages. Your important messages are combined with an automatically generated, dialing program. It will dial the numbers which you specify, play your recording, and provide you additional options. This system enables you to record a single message for an actual person and one for an answering service.

How to install a Voice Broadcasting system?

1.      Before you purchase software to install on your PC, make sure your computer and telephone system, meet the requirements for installing the program. Start the process by installing the voice broadcasting program into your PC or laptop. Then complete the process by registering your program for an online subscription.

              2.      Write a script that you would like to record on your system. After editing your script, enter it into the software. Your software will require you to either voice record your script using a microphone or type it into the software, or it will allow you to upload it using a professional voiced announcer.

3.      Select “File” and then select “New Campaign”, or any other option which enables you to start a new project.

4.      Select “import” to transfer all the names and numbers into the call list, associated with the program. You may also enter these manually.  First select “File”, and then select “Import”, which will open the appropriate dialog box. Choose the file and select “Open”. Most software programs have an import or an upload feature. You may also copy then paste your information from a spreadsheet.

              5.      Now select either the “Schedule” or the “Broadcast” option. This will depend on the version of your software. Type in the date and time to use the calling features of the “Broadcast” screen. If you wish to start calling right away, select the “Start Now” option (or any other option which enables you to commence). Then select “Browse”, which is located near the audio file which will contain the message. Select “Ok” to begin importing the audio file. Then select the “Ok” button once again to finish the setup process.

6.      Now select either the “Ok” or the “Start” button, to start broadcasting your message. Just remember to take a deep breath before you start, and ensure that there are no distractions surrounding you.

7.      Select “File” and then choose “Open”. Scroll to where the completed broadcast file is, and open the file. You can try an alternative method by selecting “reports”, and then finding your broadcast. The window will provide you with important information such as the number of telephone calls that were completed, or in other words, your success rate. For calls which failed, copy and then paste the appropriate contact information into a newly opened broadcast, and repeat the procedure once more.


Voice broadcasting, continues to be a popular direct marketing technique. This technique generates millions of leads on an annual basis, for various industries such as insurance, telemarketing, and direct sales. Whether you are an established company looking to make a mark in the industry or a start-up company trying to establish itself, using voice broadcasting is a proven marketing strategy, guaranteed to produce positive results!



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Idania is an experienced lead generation professional and relies on video broadcasting to a great deal. She believes in the power of voice broadcasting to generate effective leads which often translates into sales and increased revenue.


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