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“I don’t design clothes. I design dreams”

An expression by Ralph Lauren, the fashion icon and god of fashion for many. Clothes are more than just piece of fabrics stitched here and there to make it wearable. Clothes are means of expressing, creating and fulfilling dreams. This dreams starts with an idea of the designer. Idea is a major term, to which follows method, precision. Alike this, one every dream requires clarity of vision.

Hence, the visionary behind the creation of these wearable dreams allows his/her audience to emote and articulate their own dreams. Being an integral part of every human’s life, its impact is massive. Fashion is a culture of its own with its importance felt all over the globe. Its followers like Clay Hutson are indeed the true appreciators of this art of expressing through clothes.

Designing and Styling of the Dream:

This dream needs implementation of the idea and vision into a form, a design. The technique and idea varies from one designer to the other. Same is applicable regarding the choice of the people. The type of attire changes for every occasion and this is quite apropos.

While one would not dare to wear ragged jeans or flip-flops to workplace, it is equally boring to wear formal wear at parties. Styling is the word to use here. Its important, not only to appear appropriate but to appear confident and comfortable. Comfort comes first since the unease would reflect in the attitude and appearance of the individual. The choice of colors, design and method of styling reflects the personality along with the taste of the person.

Aesthetics is the Charm and Allure of Fashion:

Aesthetic nature of fashion is its another driving force, which drives millions of people towards it. From superstars to average men and women they all dream, live it, express it through their choice of clothes. Every costume delivers a story and this is what makes fashion relatable and acceptable. While many fashion buffs follow icons and celebrities, take inspiration and tips from them.

Fashion is also about being innovative and many are capable of creating and developing their own unique style. To look presentable and amiable, clothes play a major role. One is never overdressed or undressed when wearing a black dress, and yet the dress can be a style statement. In order to appear smart one has to think and dress smart.

Fashion buffs like Clay Hutson have plenty of options when it comes to selecting costumes, garments, accessories, footwears. Many reputed and legendary designers and designer showrooms have unique and varied designs to suit different styles and tastes. Fashion magazines, fashion shows and latest collections in the showrooms available are attempts to familiarize people with the new trends. There are fashion consultants to rescue people from their jumbled and overwhelmed ideas of fashion and styling.

This culture unites people into a thread with added beauty, glamour, creativity. Most importantly, it’s a dream of designers, converted to designs and attires to fulfil the dreams of fashionists.


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