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How To Get A Hospital Job

Hospital jobs can be lucrative and rewarding. There is a great chance for advancement, furthering your education and making more money. I have known several people that started as house keepers in the hospital and went on to become nurses and even doctors. Getting hired at a hospital isn’t as difficult as one might suspect. Most of us know someone that works at a near by hospital or many a friend of a friend. This can be a good way to get your foot in the door. Almost all the hospitals I have seen have an employment board, usually near the human resource office. This is where all the current jobs and job requirements are posted.

How To Get A Hospital Job

Normally, hospitals hire present employees for current positions. But they will accept applications from non employees also. The first thing I suggest is to decide what job you feel that you are qualified for. If there are any special requirements to the job such as CPR certification find out where you can take the class even before you apply. This will show interest in the position, many of the other applicants will not go the extra mile to get the job. I suggest that you do!

Create a small book that has all the pertinent facts about your employment history even your hobbies and interests. That also shows your skills. It doesn’t have to be fancy but every employer that I have presented my Career Book to I have gotten the job over sometimes 100s of applicants. Be creative and honest, never over exaggerate your qualifications to an employer. It is not necessary to lie to get a job. Always be truthful about your mistakes on the job. Take responsibility for your actions. This is a very important aspect of getting a job in a hospital and actually keeping one. Most hospitals require drug tests before they will hire you. Make sure you tell that the hospital knows what medications you are on if any before your drug test.

When applying or investigating a new hospital job always address your cover letter appropriately. If you have tattoos or piercings think twice before exposing them before you get hired. Wait until people get to know you. Just a precaution. Use proper grammar when dealing with the hospital. Most hospitals want to exude an air of professionally, so dress and act accordingly when you are in our no hospital grounds. This rule also goes for nursing homes and any other health facility. If you just keep these few tips in mind you will have a better chance of getting hired almost anywhere.


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