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These days technology has progressed rapidly in all areas of all industries, and one industry that has benefited is the energy saving industry which also is a money saving industry for you!

One company has taken that to another level and helped to provide its customers with the best they can offers, Happy Attics, based in Houston (Just type into Google – Attic Insulation Houston Texas and you will see the local result) are the company in question.

Using infrared technology they can help identify which areas of your attic are at most risk to condensation and escaping heat/cold air. Then implementing Attic Breeze fans, and blown insulation to get the job done.

At the moment they are charging .99 cents per square feet, blown to R-50 which is the ideal thickness in their opinion. The standard code in the Texas area is R-38 at the moment, with R-30 being the standard two years ago.

When we asked the owner of, Mike Rodriguez, he stated that “Some folks prefer to blow fiberglass insulation over cellulose because it looks better. The fact is, cellulose is a much better insulator because it is more dense than fiberglass, and therefore, it is more effective in helping prevent heat transfer which is the culprit that forces your HVAC system to work overtime”

A lifetime warranty is also offered on Attic Breeze fans, which are the industry leading attic fans.

We also asked Mike if there is any help towards the cost of installing these products, he replied “There is a 30% tax credit that can be applied for, which will help reduce the cost”

Finally we asked how the team at go about the installation process, Mike said “We will access your attic through the roof in most cases, keeping dirty hoses outside. We lay down drop cloths to keep from tracking dirt, and when we are done, we clean up, leaving your home as beautiful as we found it, only much cooler


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