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With more and more people turning readily to the Internet for everything from searching for the perfect dog food brand to reading the daily news, having a strong Web presence is increasingly instrumental to a company’s success. At the Blogwell sponsored conferences held throughout the year in Chicago, those seeking to harness the power of the Internet can learn from the successes of others. At each conference, several case studies are explored, each outlining how the featured business has taken advantage of social media as a way to boost their brands. If you are a business owner trying to figure out what to do in Chicago, look no further than this potentially beneficial conference network.

Ready to Apply Solutions

The case studies presented at Blogwell events aren’t intended to provide a broad and hypothetical picture. Instead they’re highly detailed and provide actionable solutions business owners can apply immediately. The ready applicability of the ideas presented helps ensure that attendees leave with the knowledge and skills necessary to get started in improving their Web presence right away, allowing them to begin to utilize the Internet as a marketing tool as soon as possible.

Interactive Sessions

The Blogwell events are often referred to as “unconferences.” This moniker is intended to demonstrate that these events, unlike traditional conferences, aren’t ones at which participants are expected to sit and listen to speakers all day long. Instead attendees at Blogwell events are given the opportunity to interact with the material and work cooperatively with others on applying the content they’ve learned. This set-up is intended to ensure that attendees leave ready and able to put what they’ve learned into practice.

CEO Keynote Speakers

The Blogwell program prides itself on not just talking about businesses that have boosted their success with the help of the Internet, but instead talking directly to them. Most conferences end with a keynote address from the CEO of one of the featured companies or from another individual directly instrumental in the success of a business. With information about the business from an insider, guests at the conference have the unique opportunity to gather potentially useful information and insight.


The popular Blogwell events aren’t just a great place to learn, they also provide the ideal opportunity for networking. At these events, attendees have the opportunity to meet with other movers and shakers in the business world, building organic relationships upon which they can capitalize in the future. Unlike many conferences, these events don’t take place annually. Instead, they occur throughout the calendar year, allowing business owners and individuals working to learn about the power of the Web to come together time and again, continuing to strengthen these relationships and potentially building new business contacts.

Businesses that fail to recognize and utilize the power of the Internet are missing a major opportunity to establish and promote their brands. While getting started in Internet marketing can seem a challenge, conferences like the Blogwell events, held in Chicago and other major cities throughout the year, serve as the perfect opportunity to amass a toolkit of knowledge and skills. With these gathered tools, any aspiring business can begin the process of increasing its Web presence.


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