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Name a better marketing tactic for your business other than video marketing, in 3 seconds. Can you name any? Well, we don’t blame you. Video marketing has had all the hype ever since the first time it was used, and it has only grown more and more in terms of getting a brand’s message across in an effective way. For businesses that are new or old, two things are extremely important: a) brand awareness and b) increased engagement. Both of these grow simultaneously when a brand’s content is delivered to its target audience in the form of videos. Did you know? Almost 85% of the American users consumed video content, using their mobile devices. Needless to say, video content is more readily available to users all over the world.

Human beings process visuals at a rate faster than processing the text. How does this work for brands? Since brands have to rely heftily on their awareness, nothing can help them achieve that better than an explainer video. The use of explainer videos has seen a rise in the past few years. Brands, no matter how big or small, are using this new marketing tactic to reach their consumers effectively.

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are short videos that businesses use to introduce themselves in front of their prospects. Usually, explainer videos consist of what your brand is offering to its customers and how you are providing a solution to the problems they’re facing. It should be sufficient to say that explainer videos will help you lay an instant impact on your customers, and you will ultimately convert your viewers into customers.

A Sneak-Peak into the History of Explainer Videos

Let us quickly rewind the clocks back to 2007, when the first-ever explainer video made its debut on the internet. The video explained the functionality of ‘Drop Box’ and it was created by Common Craft. Although the video looked nothing like the ones we see now, that matters the least. It helped Drop Box make a whopping $48 million and what happened after that is all history.

Are Explainer Videos Beneficial?

When it comes to ‘expressing’, businesses often find themselves hitting a rock bottom. That is mainly because businesses fail to comprehend what their customers want to see and how they can deliver their message effectively. This is where explainer videos enter the frame – like a knight in the shining armor.

Explainer videos are best for grabbing the audiences’ attention most compellingly. Every time a brand’s website is visited by its potential customer, two things could happen: a) that customer would bounce from your website and never come back or b) your website’s video would catch your customer’s attention and make him stay.

If the ‘latter’ is what you’d have liked to see happening, then your brand has a bright future. Explainer videos are super-handy when it comes to explaining the complexity of your brand and your services. Remember how we mentioned how our brain processes images quickly? With explainer videos, you can stimulate your customers’ auditory and visual senses, almost instantly.

Benefits of Using Explainer Videos

  • The decision your customers make in favor of your brand lies in the hands of video marketing. 97% of the marketers rely on explainer videos. These marketers believe that if it wasn’t for explainer videos, their customers would not have been able to understand their products and services. Similarly, 76% of the businesses gave explainer videos the credit of increasing their sales, as well as, the traffic of their website. Thus, it would be apt to state that explainer videos are tremendously effective in increasing conversion rates. Remember we mentioned Drop Box a while back? The company increased its conversion rate by 10%, all by simply adding an explainer video on their website. Plus, with thanks to this little video, Drop Box managed to bag 10 million new customers, all while generating a revenue of $48,000,000. Not to mention, the budget they spent on their explainer video was somewhere around $50,000. Talk about some solid ROI!
  • Another great thing about explainer videos is how they make your website’s on-page SEO better. And what happens when your website has better on-page SEO? You ultimately land on Google’s top results. Plus, websites with videos have 50% more chances of being fetched by Google, to display among the top searches. So if you’re looking to increase your website’s on-page SEO, then try putting up a nice, little explainer video on the front page and watch it work its magic.
  • Videos are most preferred because you can easily share them. If you have an explainer video ready to go live, then chances are that your video will be viewed by around 70 percent online users across the world. And if your video is compelling, these 70% online users would share it on their platforms and you’ll get an instant boost in engagement.

Why Should You Use Explainer Videos?

Brands have to devise a message they can deliver to their prospects in the shortest time. Explainer Videos are concise, short in duration and have the most amount of information. Of course, writing about an entire business in just a few words in nonetheless a challenge, but if you do it right, you are sure to hit a home-run, without a doubt.

Similar to advertisements, explainer videos can allow your brand to pick out a problem your target audience could be facing and then center the solution, on that problem. Plus, when your explainer videos will be made using this approach, you are sure to get immediate conversions, in no time. Explainer videos can provide your brand with a perfect ground to showcase your creativity. Audiences have an inclination towards things that look unique and are more creative. You can make explainer videos with some really cool animation features, or you can add narration in the audio, to give your audience a feel that you are addressing them directly. Plus, a good explainer video is a depiction of your brand’s personality – the clearer, concise and relevant it this, the better your audience will find you as a credible brand. Therefore, always think of your explainer video as your brand’s voice.

Ever heard of brand recall? That is when consumers spontaneously recall a brand from their memory. When you’ll invest your time, money and creativity into making compelling and catchy videos, your prospects will ultimately recall your brand instead of your competitor’s. And you know what happens when your customers recall your brand? They tell their friends about it and this goes on and on and on.

All Things Concluded

Explainer videos are super beneficial when it comes to building a brand’s credibility and increasing its awareness. Yes, there are many other content marketing tactics that brands can use. But to be specific, there is no other content marketing tactic better than explainer videos. Text-based content bears a high chance of being ignored. If you’ve been fretting over your written content, and wondering why it isn’t getting you good conversion rates, then it’s about time, you re-strategized your content marketing strategy and added Video marketing on top of your list.

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