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Owning a hose timer will not only control your lawn easier but will also allow you to save large amounts of water. Smart watering only triggers when it is absolutely necessary and sprinkles just the right amount of water without further leaks or the possibility of over-drowning your plants or grass. Install a hose timer and you will no longer preoccupy on watering the lawn yourself. Use the acquired time to relax in the garden, plant or do other activities that bring you joy. And if you do not know how to pick the right item for you, maybe these hose timers reviews will clear your mind:

Think of your particular needs

Depending on the size of the space you need watered, there are plenty of useful hose timers reviews of products to choose from. If you own a small garden or a backyard you do not have to invest in expensive and over the top watering systems. Stick to budget-friendly brands like Orbit or Melnor which offer you just the right amount of technology implemented in a hose timer.

On the contrary, if you aim to water different areas at once, orientate your needs towards more professional models like the ones offered by Claber, DIG Corporation or Gilmour. These fancier models also feature LCD screens which make the handling much easier and allow you to water up to 3-4 different areas, separately, each with its own needs and specifications.

Watering time is also important

Most professional hose timers offer a wide range of timing options when it comes to watering, including pre-settled calendar data to work on. They can range from 1 minute to 13 hours of full watering or can be pre-settled to pick up watering after a specific amount of time. During summer your lawn obviously requires more care thus you will be tempted to think that watering for longer would help. Quite the contrary. It is better to settle the timer to water less but more often than just watering your lawn every other few hours until it drowns. In addition, almost all hose timers come with manual and automatic functions to relief some of your work and help you decide the best time period for watering.

Life duration of batteries

Depending on the intensity and consistency on which you are using water timing hoses, incorporated batteries can last longer or less. More professional hose timer reviews praise products with long life expectancy of batteries of up to one full year. On the other hand, cheaper models will determine you to change batteries more often, even once every 3-4 months, depending on the frequency of use.

Number of zones covered

Some of the best hose timer reviews state that considering the number of covered zones by a hose timer is important when deciding on the right item for you. Obviously, owning just a small lawn will make your decision easier because you will opt for non-sophisticated products, but when it comes to larger zones to be covered, pick up a hose timer that can cover up to 3 different zones to save time, money, energy and water.


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