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If you want a successful blog, then you must learn how to handle images with WordPress. While you can do this manually, it’s often much easier to rely on a widget or plugin to do the work for you. Not only do these widgets have special features that will help your blog flourish in terms of images, but you won’t have to waste time by manually entering HTML and other information to properly display an image.

Best Image Widgets for WordPress

Get Image From Posts

The Get Image From Posts widget is great if you want to add an image from one of your posts to your main page. This allows visitors to easily see the image, which will result in a higher click-through rate. Another good thing is that this widget will automatically size the image so that it’s perfect for your main page.

Your blog needs images, and this widget will make it much easier for you to make use of the images in your posts.

WP ImageTagger

WordPress allows you to tag your posts so that visitors can quickly find them with the search bar. The same doesn’t apply for images. You currently can’t tag images, which is a shame because this would help your visitors find relevant content.

The WP ImageTagger widget gives you this ability. You can easily tag images with keywords and relevant phrases so that visitors can easily find them. This will also help your SEO because image search engines will be able to find the images, which can lead to higher rankings and more organic traffic.

Image Hotlink Protection

Did you know that bloggers can steal your bandwidth and images? Instead of downloading the image and pasting it on his or her blog, or asking your permission to use a certain image, a website owner can create a hotlink. This means that the image will load on his or her blog, but you will have to suffer the bandwidth costs.

You can stop this by using Image Hotlink Protection. This prevents any hotlinked images from properly loading so that the website owner can’t steal your images or bandwidth.

Watermark Reloaded

Watermarks are a great way to prevent image theft. It allows people to share your images, but it forces them to include your watermark on the image. The watermark can include your name, website address and anything else that you want to add. This can be very beneficial if you have popular images because you might gain a significant following and the watermark will show people where the images originated.

This widget automatically creates a watermark based on your information. You can also specify where the watermark appears on the image.


Displaying your images in a carousel format is great because you can show many images in one spot without using too much of your website, but the problem is that carousels are difficult to create. This plugin allows you to create a unique carousel in a matter of seconds. You just need to upload or specify the pictures, customize the carousel’s color and adjust the width of the display.

Flickr Gallery

Most WordPress users have a Flickr account with many pictures that they add to their blogs. This plugin allows you to easily show off your images so that people can see everything that you have uploaded. You just have to specify your Flickr account and how you want the images to be displayed.


Every successful blog has great images, but these images are often difficult to handle if you don’t know what you’re doing. These image widgets make the job much easier by helping you properly display images and prevent theft.

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Image Widgets for Wordpress

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