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Dhows are equivalent to Arabian fashion of life, chiefly in places like Dubai, Oman and Abu Dhabi. These boats, made up of wood have been related with Middle East’s history and culture and have a contribution in high economic status of the region.
Only a few tourists, who book dhow cruise package, know that these crafts are used to be operated for every marine activity from fishing to pearl diving to trade and transport. The contemporary dhows are made with GRP and steel, but artisans of dhow who produce dhows made from bulky wood i.e., shell built, still exist. The architecture of their hulls make traditionally constructed dhows as distinct from others, some notable ones being Boum, Badan, Battil, Baggarah, and the Ghanjah.
Cruising on Dhow dinner cruise is the most famous activity among tourists. Moreover, the sailing at night is just baroque! Numerous visitors make sure to have a ride on this reliable boat during their trip to Dubai. It is altogether an instinct experience. You can enjoy traditional cuisine, music and UAE sightseeing under one roof.
Experiences that a Dhow Cruise Offers

  • Glance of Glistening Dubai

At Dhow cruise, you can have scenic view of Dubai at midnight. The gleaming sunlight monuments and other buildings give the astonishing view to visitors at night.

  • Gratifying  Atmosphere

Dhow cruise offers pleasant ambiance at night. You can sense the cold breath coming from tranquil waters of creek. The breeze is so natural that it alleviates your senses.

  •  Gusto International Cuisine

This is one of the best parts of Dhow cruising at night. You can enjoy the appealing international elegance along with fresh dates and welcome drink of Arabic coffee.

  • Bash for Everyone

It has something special and different for everyone, be it families spending good times on board or kids having fun watching entertainments or couples spending a momentous evening with their spouse to youths celebrating birthday parties Dubai or any other occasion.
Live DJ, stand-up comedians, dance and magic shows etc offer fun to guests and calms the ambiance.

  • Beautifully Constructed

Dinner dhow cruise is very beautifully constructed with combination of modern and old techniques. It represents modern and old tradition of Dubai. The triangular sails called lateens coevals the contemporary style in which ancient boats were made, while the uppermost decks representing style of contemporary ships.
The decks are constructed in a way that landscapes can be enjoyed and the cold air can be sensed while sitting at any deck. Upper deck offers view of all the major appeals of Dubai seaward. Viewing sensational skyscrapers, while enjoying the international cuisines on the uppermost deck gives you a wonderful feeling. In addition to that, the carvings in structure of dhow represent the influence of various cultures. You can feel these cultures while your cruises on Dubai dhow cruise.
Dubai dinner cruise is one of the wonderful attractions of Dubai. If you plan your trip to Dubai next time, don’t forget to ask your tour operator about it or you can check details by logging on to dhowcruise.net.


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