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One fine day you might find yourself unsatisfied with your current job. This position might have been a perfect choice at the beginning; but after going through acrid challenges we can stop enjoying it. Quitting your job and looking for a new one is a normal process, so don’t be afraid if one day you find out that you want to change it.

Inform Your Boss

This is one of the important things you need to do before leaving your job. Talk about reasons behind the decision and do your best to explain them in order to avoid fallouts. Be positive and thankful for the experience and great opportunities the company gave you. Don’t forget to keep calm, because leaving a good final impression is as important as the first one, so stay professional no matter what. You will probably be asked for a resignation letter, which clarifies that you resigned by yourself and were not fired, so trust only your mind and not emotions in this case.

Start Looking For A New Job

This is something you should start doing even before saying goodbye to the current job. Everyone needs a break after quitting, but don’t make it a long-term vacation or jump into new work right after that.

Think about things that made you change the company you’ve been working in and try to find something different and new. You can try to find a new path that will allow you to make use of previously acquired skills. Make small steps right now: start writing a CV and refresh your LinkedIn profile, and if you are not a LinkedIn guru, look at LinkedIn profile writing service reviews to find a service that will help you. Enroll in some online courses or master classes to improve your skills and gain more knowledge. New opportunities are waiting for you!

Say Goodbye To Your Co-Workers

Don’t be too emotional and don’t burn bridges. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll need to use a help from your former co-workers, so it’s better not to leave on bad terms with others. Make sure you don’t say anything that you might regret about in the future.

Send a brief message to them via email or Facebook. Don’t write a whole poem: make it short, but positive. If you have colleagues that you are close with, say goodbye in person and share remind them of some memorable moments you’ve gone through together. Here are more ideas on how to say goodbye to your coworkers.

Clear Out Your Space

Get rid of any unnecessary papers that you will not need after you leave. Do not throw away (or take with you) the next employee, who will take this place, might need and that do not belong to you. Also, don’t forget to clean up what’s left of you on your computer like files, emails, internet browser history and so on. You need to be ready to leave your job with no private information left behind, so you could start a new chapter of your life with a clear mind.

Remember: it’s okay to feel like you don’t want to work that job anymore. And a career change is a chance to become a more skilled specialist and change your life for the better. Don’t let yourself be stuck in the place where you don’t belong (or even hate) – find the courage to do that step. Only you can make yourself happy and find personal fulfillment, so don’t postpone your own happiness and do something today to achieve your goals.


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