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You cannot compare a website developed in the modern time to those developed few years ago. This is because website and software development technology has evolved tremendously. Technology has brought lots of benefits to humanity in the world today. The difference between the modern day website and antique ones could be their typography, colors, user-interface element, design elements and lots more but they are very significant. Therefore, any website designed with old design strategy would definitely look unappealing and boring.


Appealing Websites

It is quite surprising to know that it is not only new technology that makes a website appealing or exciting. Many websites designed in the modern time with the latest technology such as CSS3, HTML 5 and Web 2.0/3.0 still look boring and unexciting. This makes it clear that the quality of a website depends on its design. A website designer has so much to add to his website; thus, it is important that you engage your imaginative ability to work in order to produce creative and interesting designs. This article discusses the secrets of creating websites with exciting designs and that will thrill your audience.

Be the Leader and not the Follower

Many designers wish to follow the trend set by others and not to set one for others to follow. In order to become a top notch website developer, you must learn the Maverick approach which simply connotes taking the lead. You have to take the lead in order to be the leader.

In this context, taking the lead could connote introducing new things into your website that has not existed before. Some people may not easily adapt to it but when they finally do, they will sing praises of you. You can also replicate what already exists in another way. This can easily be explained by putting old wine into new bottles. Package it very well in such a way that it looks new to your audience.

Judge your Website from the user’s Perspective

The greatest mistake which website developers make is look looking at their website from the users’ point of view. You must remember that the website is not created for you but the readers. This will help you to know how to create wonderful websites for your user.

A website that is exciting and appealing to your user may not even be interesting to you. Always ask yourself how your users will feel concerning your website and thus produce a wonderful design. If it is possible, you can strive to get feedback from your users to know how they feel concerning your website; this will enable you to produce a better design.

Inspiration is very important

The problem with some designers is that they lack inspiration. You cannot produce exciting and wonderful websites without being inspired. How can you be inspired? Everything around you should be able to inspire you. Therefore, take out time to look at the nature and things around your environment and draw your inspiration from the nature which is a masterpiece of art.

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