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It is as known fact that mobile phones don’t last for two decades. If at all the manufacturers wanted it to last that long, they would have made it more durable and strong. Value engineering involves making the product not to last long since it can be a victim of advanced technology. Therefore, the actual life of a cell phone is purposely minimized to a few years only for the fact that there is rapid technological advancement in the given field. Absence of value engineering means that mobile phones would be made of expensive metals like titanium and long lasting involving usage of more resources. Moreover, the product has to be made affordable to the consumer.

How To Sell My Phone Before It Gets Outdated?

At home I have four mobiles which are very old. One dates back to the 1990’s and the latest is the one I bought in 2012. Incidentally, none of the mobile phone chargers are alike. All the pins are different and have different wattage and voltage. This means I cannot interchange any one. If my old mobile of 1990 dies, I cannot use the charger for any other mobile, making it useless. Though the electrical specifications are the same, I don’t have an option of interchanging and using the chargers. Under such circumstances, I am compelled to sell my phone to avoid obsolescence. I then sought advice from my friends as to where I can sell my mobile. According to my friends’ experience, they advised me to opt for any company which trades in mobile buying online. I then found out that there is a site known as, which is an online buyer of old mobile phones which are used. I found out that there is an option to select the model of the phone I wish to sell and then determine the price it fetches me. Not a bad idea at all, I guess considering all the hassles I can avoid by going around.

It’s a known fact that many mobile companies are replacing the metallic parts with plastic ones. This means that companies are going for planned obsolescence. Phones are becoming less and less repairable. Some phones are glued with a double sided tape which makes it impossible to open without damaging the device. Only by using a hot air gun carefully it can be opened. Mobile phones are not made to last nowadays. Cheaper components are used and metals are gradually replaced by many other cheaper substitutes. Companies also resort to changing charger connectors only to make the consumer buy a new one. Keeping all these facts in mind, it’s better to dispose older models of mobiles at the earliest. I would not hesitate to sell my phone since there are chances of getting lesser quotes as time passes by. And of course, online selling is the best option as it doesn’t involve carrying my phone around to different outlets and end up getting a cheaper bargain. I am assured of the price I am going to get beforehand, and I also save considerably on the shipping costs too.


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